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10 'I Like You' Quotes To Say To Your S.O. When You're Not Totally Ready For 'I Love You' (Yet)

10 'I Like You' Quotes To Say To Your Partner When You're Not Ready To Say 'I Love You' Yet

Once you're in a relationship, your significant other is probably what you think about most of the time.

You wonder about their day or how they're doing. You also probably wonder if you're on their mind, too.

Whether you've been in a relationship for one week or six months, there isn't a perfect time to say that first, " I love you." There are plenty of other ways to let your significant other know you totally like them without saying those three little words that hold a lot of meaning.

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Maybe you're more of the mushy gushy type when it comes to your relationship – you call him boo bear and he calls you snuggles. Or maybe you're more low key about your relationship and only really show you affection for each other in private. Regardless of the type of couple you are, it can sometimes be hard to find the right words to say to your crush. You want to tell him you really, really like him without him thinking you're falling too fast.

There is no exact science to telling your significant other how much you like them; the way you go about telling them should come from the heart in that moment.

Whether it is over text or face-to-face, here are 10 quotes to say to your significant other if you want them to know how much you adore them without saying those three little words.

"Let's get food," isn't one, but you could totally send that to your significant other, too.

1. "I love you," but totally just as a best friend...even though I totally want to be more one day.

"You are my best friend in the world and I love you for that." – Unknown

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2. So he knows he is always on your mind.

"You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought before closing my eyes." – Unknown

3. If you are willing to sit in a three hour car ride with him you must really like him.

"There isn't anyone I'd rather spend my time with than you. I'd travel anywhere with you by my side." – Unknown

4. You must be staring at him if you know he's staring at you.

"The best feeling in the world is the butterflies in my stomach when I catch you looking at me." - Unknown

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5. Let him know he is the ultimate source of your happiness.

"Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason." – Unknown

6. He can always text you randomly throughout the day because you like him that much.

"I don't care if we talk about absolutely nothing. I just want to talk to you." – Unknown

7. Before saying "I love you," remind him you may be a little crazy but you're worth it.

"I know I'm a handful but that's why you have two hands." – Unknown

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8. If you really want to pour your heart out to him, send this.

"The truth? I like you. A lot. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. You're different. You're a little crazy, and awkward, and your smile alone can make my day." – Unknown

9. He is totally always on your mind

"You're kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind." – Unknown

10. And finally, the ultimate "I really like you" quote

"I like you more than coffee, but please don't ask me to prove it." – Unknown

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