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John Mayer Gets Restraining Order Against 'Obsessed' Fan Jeremy Knight

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Who Is Jeremy Knight? New Details On Obsessed Fan John Mayer Got Restrainng Order Against

Celebrity stalkers are no joke. That's why, no matter how much you like — or dislike — a celebrity, you should always respect their boundaries. Someone should have told this obsessed John Mayer fan, though, because as a result of his failure to respect boundaries, he's been hit with a restraining order and will forever be known as "that crazy fan." Who is Jeremy Knight?

Let's look at what we know about this obsessed fan. 

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The restraining order is only temporary. 

The restraining order that John Mayer got against Jeremy Knight is only temporary in nature. The good news is, Knight must stay at least 300 feet away from Mayer at all times. A hearing later this month will determine if the restraining order will be made permanent. 

John Mayer and Jeremy Knight came face-to-face with one another in North Carolina. 

"Knight reportedly attempted to attend Mayer’s June 28 concert at the PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, N.C., before being found and escorted by security. The court documents say Mayer has “suffered substantial emotional duress” as a result of the recurring harassment," says a Canadian report.

It started with threats on social media. 

Be careful what you say to people on social media — you just might find yourself at the receiving end of a lawsuit! Jeremy Knight first started making threats to John Mayer on social media. He sent Mayer countless messages threatening his safety and promised to "put him in the hospital" while making an anti-Semitic remark. 

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John Mayer called him a 'stalker.'

"Singer John Mayer has been granted a restraining order against an alleged stalker. According to legal documents, 39-year-old Ryan Jeremy Knight has been sending Mayer and his team threats, referencing serial killer Ted Bundy and John Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman," said a report.

Jeremy Knight has a substantial criminal record.

Jeremy Knight allegedly has a substantial criminal record, and that's what made Mayer become so "distressed" (and rightly so) about his interactions with Knight. 

There's a difference between a 'fan' and a 'celebrity stalker,' and Jeremy Knight is definitely the latter. 

"Super-fans are relatively stable. They gain a lot from being in a group of people who like the same person. It's pro-social behavior. The super-fans know each other, they go to the same gigs together, they meet up and go for a drink. With stalking, it's anti-social behavior. They think they have this special bond and this relationship with the celebrity and none of the other fans matter. When you're breaking into someone's bedroom, that's not the actions of a super-fan. People with mental health problems who are vulnerable to delusions are more likely to become stalkers. The fixated celebrity stalker sees everything the celeb does in relationship to themselves. Everything has meaning. So if they are served with a cease and desist letter, they may think the celebrity is trying to contact them in code," the BBC News diffferentiates.

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