YouTube Star Marina Joyce's Boyfriend Claims She Has Been Found Safe After Missing For 10 Days — But Nobody's Heard From Her

A YouTube star, lost and found. Or was she?

Who Is Marina Joyce? New Details On YouTube Star Found Safe After Missing For 10 Days Instagram

Marina Joyce is a beauty expert and popular YouTube Star. With over two million subscribers, she sometimes gives her followers reason for concern. She recently was reported missing and the local authorities in her town took to Twitter, hoping that the internet would lead to the discovery and rescue of Joyce. They were correct. Ten days after she went missing she was found. In light of her return, I think we are all wondering, who is Marina Joyce?


1. She Makes Beauty Videos.

Joyce is followed by over two million people. She makes videos that focus on beauty products and fashion. She shows fans how to apply make up like Kylie Jenner, how she does her hair, and different types of clothes. She also has series of videos on spirituality and self betterment. The young star has videos dating back seven years and over 100 million views! She also has a YouTube channel she shares with her boyfriend called JOYSTICK, which has just under 30,000 followers.


2. Her behavior has previously worried her fans.

Back in 2018, Joyce released a video that had fans worried about her safety. She was making a video promoting a dress collection and something seemed a little bit off. She seemed so nervous and distracted, and she had visible bruises on her arms. Her fans started to worry that she had been kidnaped. They were afraid someone was forcing her to make these videos. A hashtag was trending, #savemarinajoyce, hoping that if she was in trouble, the spreading awareness would lead to her rescue.



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3. She is open about her depression.

Joyce, however, wasn't in any physical danger. She opened up to her fans about her ongoing battle with depression. In explaining the video that caused such concern among fans she said that she was coming out of a very deep bout of depression. The time that the video was released was "one of the most horrible times of my life." When asked why it took her so long to explain the origin of her bruises (a fall during a walk in the woods) she said: "I did suffer from depression. It was so bad. It hurts me to this day to think of all the reckless things I did that showed that I did not care about my life. Things that I would look back upon and feel so grateful that I am still alive. I lived in isolation of what happened to me, of people not understanding what I was truly going through." Of the hashtag she said: "I feel so grateful for #SaveMarinaJoyce because it did actually save me.”

4. Reported Missing!

On August 7th, Joyce was reported missing. She was last seen on July 31st. After it was clear she was missing, Haringey Police department released a tweet asking for help to find the 22-year-old YouTube star. The tweet read:  "Can you help to find Marina Joyce, 22, missing from #Haringey? Last seen on 31 Jul and reported missing to police on 7 Aug. Call 101 and quote 19MIS031063 with any info."

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5. Finally found?

Thanks to he help of Twitter, Joyce was finally found. Her boyfriend, Brandon Mehmen, released a statement saying: "Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please don't worry about her; she is safe and well. You have my word for it." People are wondering why her boyfriend made such a cryptic post, saying that it was even suspicious. They are concerned that no one has heard from Joyce through out all of this time. To this he said:  "...everyone who thinks I’m acting ‘suspicious’ are only misinformed and don’t know me at all."


6. Video to come.

Mehmen announced that within the next day or two, Marina will release a statement explaining everything that has happened throughout the last few weeks. He spoke about how he was in touch with her 24/7 and didn't withhold any information. He was trying to respect her privacy but it became too much when people started suspecting him in her case. He went on to say that he is a good person, especially when it comes to his girlfriend and he hopes that when the video is released it will put all of the rumors to rest.


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