7 Important Relationship Lessons From Confident People

Healthy Relationship Advice You Can Learn From Confident People

By: Nina Simons

Confident people stride through life aware of their self-worth.

They are not full of themselves — they simply know their true value.

And it reflects in the way they form personal and professional relationships.

Their confidence is also what gives them so much success in romantic relationships.

Whether you want to admit it or not, they simply handle this aspect of their lives more easily.

Moreover, their relationship tips can be used by anybody.

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1. Confident people know their boundaries.

Confident individuals never betray who they are.

They are always faithful to their true selves, their wishes and boundaries.

They won’t put their feelings and needs aside in order to please the other person.

Confident people understand that a healthy romantic relationship means that both sides need to feel respected for who they truly are.

If they don’t get the respect they deserve, they’ll walk away – which is better than a bad relationship.

2. Confident people don’t second-guess their partner’s feelings.

Many of us worry about whether the person we like will like us back.

Well, confident people don’t wonder if they attract the other person.

They simply know that’s the case. They know how lovable, funny, kind and trustworthy they are, and they simply know that the other person will see that, too.

They don’t waste time doubting themselves and stressing about their every move.

And in case the other person doesn’t reciprocate, confident people don’t think they’re the problem.

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3. Confident people don’t brag.

When in the dating phase, confident individuals don’t feel the need to lay everything out in the open.

Even though they are great or successful, they won’t rub it in the other person’s face.

They will allow for the magic to slowly reveal itself over time.

It’s the insecure people that will blab about themselves from the very beginning in order to hide their insecurities.

People who are confident aren’t afraid to let their flaws show because they know that no one’s perfect.

Rather than putting on a front, they’re just focused on their significant other.

4. Confident people admit they’re wrong.

Nobody knows everything and nobody is always right.

Hence, confident people understand this.

They have no problem admitting they are wrong — that’s the best way to defuse the fight and resolve the issue.

Their goal isn’t to “win,” it’s to reach a compromise with someone they care about.

Since they understand they aren’t perfect or all-knowing, they also welcome dating tips from others.

They know their limits and when to consult others because they know the basic truth about any human being — nobody is perfect.

5. Confident people don’t overanalyze.

There’s nothing worse than reading into every word and statement that another person says.

Confident individuals don’t waste their time thinking about every little thing.

Moreover, overanalyzing is how you go crazy over meaningless things.

Instead, do what confident people do: shrug your shoulders, say “Oh well,” and move on.

Not everything is complex or intentionally misleading.

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6. Confident people allow themselves to be vulnerable.

Nothing is sexier than a person who is able to show their true emotions.

People with confidence are not uncomfortable showing their best and worst moments.

If they feel sad, insecure, or worried, they let the other person know.

On the other hand, if they have strong feelings for someone, they tell them — even if they aren’t sure it’s mutual.

They are simply comfortable with themselves enough to show all their flaws and virtues.

Their vulnerability becomes their strength.

Even if the feelings won’t be reciprocated, it never prevents them from trying.

7. Confident people know when to give up.

Not every romantic relationship is destined to last.

So, confident people can admit to themselves when the bad outweighs the good.

They will try their best to make it work but they will also be the first ones to admit that it’s time for a change.

They are not afraid to be single again and they won’t sacrifice their mental health just for the sake of being in a relationship.

They will pluck up the courage to break it off and won’t think it’s a reflection of who they are.

They won’t see that specific relationship as their personal failure.

It’s simply something that happened, and it’s OK.

Confident people have a healthy image of themselves, which positively impacts their romantic life.

These individuals are aware of their own value, respect themselves, and respect their significant others.

Next time you’re seeing someone (or if you are now), try to approach it as a confident person would.

Your relationship will benefit from it — and you might find the confidence in yourself that you always wanted.

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Nina Simons is a writer who covers mental health, travel, and relationships. For more of her relationship content, visit her page on Unwritten

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.