Who Is Lynn Pleasant? PornHub Star Pleads Guilty To Murder-For-Hire; Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

She loved her ex nearly to death.

Who Is Lynn Pleasant? PornHub Star Pleads Guilty To Murder-For-Hire; Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison getty

Who is Lynn Pleasant? She was someone who had the world (such as it were) in the palm of her hand. As one of the most popular adult film actresses of recent note, Pleasant enjoyed all the trappings of fame.

But that changed when she pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman to kill her ex, and was facing up to 10 years behind bars for her trouble. And now, she's received her final sentencing and will spend 10 years in federal prison. 


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Who is Lynn Pleasant? Let's look at what we know about this adult film star-turned-murderer. 

1. Who is Lynn Pleasant? Her real name is Katrina Danforth. 

Lynn Pleasant is just a stage name — her real name is Katrina Danforth, and she's 32 years old. Danforth has been known as Lynn Pleasant for about a decade. 


2. Pleasant tried to hire a hitman to kill her baby daddy — and that hitman turned out to be a cop. 

Pleasant initially tried to make contact with a presumed hitman to "take out" the father of her children. It's unclear what her baby daddy, who was only identified as R.H. in the charges, did to merit such treatment.

However, Pleasant initially discussed this murder plot with an acquaintance. The acquaintance then gave her a phone number of an alleged hitman — but that hitman turned out to be an undercover cop. 

3. She only had $5,000 budgeted for this "hit."

Pleasant offered the undercover cop/presumed hitman a grand total of $5,000 for the "job." Now, not that we'd know anything about the going rate for hitmen these days, but that does seem a little, well... cheap. 



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4. Pleasant was facing serious jail time and fines. 

Once pleading guilty, she was facing serious jail time for each of the charges against her. If she were to go to trial and been found guilty, each count (five total) carried a sentence of 10 years. In addition, she faced the reality of being hit with more than $250,000 in fines for each charge


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5. She was arrested in Washington State in December 2018. 

Pleasant was eventually arrested for the charges in Washington state in 2018. She'd landed at Spokane International Airport for reasons that are unclear, and it was there that she was arrested on the charges. 

6. Pleasant pleaded guilty to hiring a hitman. 

Katrina Danforth, of Post Falls, pleaded guilty on Monday, August 6, 2019 to a federal murder-for-hire charge. The intended victim was not harmed, but still, she faced a maximum of 10 years in prison.

7. She's since been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Pleasant has officially received her sentencing. She will spend 10 years in federal prison. Her sentencing includes a $1,000 criminal fine and three years of probation.


The defense attorneys for Pleasant revealed in court that she had a troubled childhood and that was in the process to become a paralegal while she was waiting for her sentencing.

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