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Remains Of 'Seinfeld' Actor Charles Levin Found In Oregon

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How Did Charles Levin Die? New Details About The 'Seinfeld'Actor Whose Remains Were Just Found In Oregon

As the years have progressed, we’ve had to say goodbye to some of our favorite actors from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. Doris Day, Peggy Lipton, Peter Mayhew, Tim Conway, and John Singleton all passed away this year along, leaving behind legacies and great roles that we will cherish forever.

While many of the actors we’ve lost were known for their roles in films, one actor who passed away recently was known for sitcoms and television shows. How did Charles Levin die? The 70-year-old was found dead on July 14th, close to the remains of his pug, Boo Bear. 


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He was last seen one week ago and was reported missing by his son on July 8th.

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On July 12th, search and rescue looked in a remote area with an emergency cell phone ping, leading authorities to find his car with the dog’s remains inside. They found Levin’s body around the terrain. According to Grants Pass Department of Public Safety:

“At about 8:00 PM on Saturday, a local Illinois Valley resident located Charles Levin's car in a very remote and almost impassable road. Troopers from the Oregon State Police responded and were escorted to the car by the individual who found it. Levin's car was off the roadway and was disabled due to terrain.

Inside Charles Levin's car, Troopers located Levin's Pug dog Boo Bear deceased. Levin was not in his car, or in the immediate proximity of his vehicle. Josephine County Search and Rescue responded to the area again, along with investigators from GPDPS. Assisted by the responding Troopers, personnel conducted a grid search of the very steep and rugged terrain. After several hours of searching, human remains were located. Based on the circumstances, there is a high probability that the remains are those of Charles Levin. The final identification of the remains will be completed by the Medical Examiner.”


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The cause of death has yet to be determined but Levin’s son, Jesse, said he doesn’t suspect foul play, and that his father was in the process of moving when he went missing.

In an interview with RadarOnline, Levins said, “As of right now, I have no suspicions that this is anything other than a tragic accident. I’m heading up there right now, and I’ll know more information then.”

Levin is known for his roles on television before he retired from acting in the late 1990s. He appeared on an episode of Seinfeld, where he played a mohel who performed a bris and accidentally cut Jerry’s finger. 

His other acting credits include The Twilight Zone, Night Court, L.A. Law, Law & Order, Doogie Howser, M.D., Alice, Golden Girls, and Hill Street Blues. In addition to television, he appeared in the movies Annie Hall, Manhattan, The Golden Child, and This Is Spinal Tap.


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RIP, Charles Levin.

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