How And Why Carly Schroeder Went From 'Lizzie McGuire' Actress To US Army Soldier

Get the scoop on the actress-turned-soldier.

Who Is Carly Schroeder? New Details On The Former 'Lizzie McGuire' Actress Who Just Became A Soldier Instagram

She was a film and television actress who first came onto our television screens as part of the cast of Lizzie McGuire. Now, however, she's a soldier in the United States Army. Let's look at what we know about this actress-turned-soldier — and why she did it! Who is Carly Schroeder?

1. She was once known as an actress. 

According to Soap Opera Digest, in addition to being known for her work on Lizzie McGuire (opposite Hilary Duff), she was known for her work on the short-lived soap, Port Charles, where she played Serena."The actress was last seen in Port Charles on GH in July of 2017 when Serena returned home to visit with parents Scotty (Kin Shriner) and Lucy (Lynn Herring) after the passing of her grandpa, Lee, played by the late Peter Hansen," wrote the outlet.



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Carly Schroeder was known for being a soap actress and a child star. 

2. Carly Schroeder documented her career change on her social media pages. 

The 28-year-old changed her Hollywood outfits for fatigues but made sure to document it for all of the posterity on social media. "If you can survive Hollywood, I think you can survive the Army," the 28-year-old told Inside Edition exclusively, who added that she went through the same training regimen that every other recruit had to go through, and was given no "special treatment." 



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Carly Schroeder had to go through the same training that every other Army recruit had to go through. 

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3. Her fellow cadets had nothing but good things to say about her. 

According to, Carly Schroeder's refusal to get "special treatment," and her commitment to success, made her a hit with her fellow cadets. "Schroeder, like all trainees to pass through BCT, learned not only the basics of making a soldier physically but also social skills that allowed her to adapt and overcome in stressful situations and when finding herself in a foreign environment with new people. These skills empower soldiers to build personal and professional relationships quickly and units to build a cohesiveness that helps ensure successful future missions. "Basic Combat Training was fun but hard too," said Pvt. Mylene Sanchez, a fellow unit member. "The ruck marches were really hard, Schroeder really helped me a lot with them. She helped take some of the weight for me," reported the outlet.



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Carly Schroeder was well-liked by her fellow cadets. 


4. Carly Schroeder had good reasons for joining the Army. 

According to, Carly Schroeder had some very good reasons for joining the United States Army. "First, Schroeder said going to college “opened her eyes” to global injustices. However, her focus is on human trafficking in the US. Schroeder’s second reason for joining the military was to amplify her voice with the credibility of becoming a soldier. The final reason she wrote about was her family. A couple of members of her family are currently serving or have served in the past, and she doesn’t want to “let the boys have all the fun!” reports the outlet, who also said that her father was a Green Beret, and her brother is a Marine. 

Congratulations are in order for Carly Schroeder!



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Congratulations are in order for Carly Schroeder!


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