Amanda Ramirez Accused Of Murdering Twin Sister In Alleged Love Triangle Gone Wrong

A witness claims Amanda threatened her sister shortly before the stabbing.

Who Is Amanda Ramirez? New Details About NJ Woman Accused Of Murdering Twin Sister In Bizarre Love Triangle Gone Wrong associated press

There’s no doubt twins share an unspeakable bond. While identical twins, in particular, come from one fertilized egg splitting in two and therefore having the same DNA, there is also an intense psychological bond as well. Whether it’s having a “spidey sense” when one twin is in trouble, actually feeling physical pain when the other is experiencing it, or even having their own language, twins both amaze us and make us jealous with their connection.


We expect twins to spend their entire lives together, even after they grow up, attend school, possibly get married, and have children. But things don’t always turn out that way, especially in the case of twin sisters in Camden, New Jersey.

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Who is Amanda Ramirez? The 27-year-old is currently being held after being charged with aggravated manslaughter in the stabbing death of her sister, Anna.

On June 22nd, police arrived at the sisters’ home around 5:40 AM, finding Amanda with blood. She initially told officers that she discovered Anna’s body but was unsure of what happened. Later, she changed her story, saying the two got into an argument. Amanda claims she punched Anna, who then retrieved a knife; however, Amanda gained control and stabbed her sister in self-defense.

According to police, they initially believed the stabbing to be over a love triangle, but their 19-year-old sister, Monika Medina, said the twins, who were “inseparable” would never “fight over a man.” 


Medina told the New York Post, “They would argue like cats and dogs, but stuck together like thieves. Amanda and Anna’s bond was one of the tightest. Inseparable! Amanda has her own significant other. Anna had her own significant other. Detectives thought this is the next big thing: ‘Sister kills twin over man.’ We don’t believe this was a jealous act nor [done] purposely. We believe she didn’t do such a thing.”

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Medina also believes her sister’s confession was coerced by police, adding:


“Detectives were all inside of her head. She gave three different stories, but the last one didn’t feel correct nor did it sit right in any of our hearts. She kept crying but said she didn’t remember. All she remembered was seeing Anna on the ground... [Amanda] is strong as can be. I know mentally she is lost and confused. Her other half is gone and no longer with us. I feel so lost. I know deep down my sister didn’t do this. We all forgive Amanda, and she knows we are here to support, comfort and love her. I lost two sisters. I want her home.”

Despite her sister’s plea for her innocence, an eyewitness contradicted Amanda’s account of what happened. The eyewitness said that Amanda got the knife and told Anna, “Watch what I’m going to do.” The witness didn’t see the stabbing, but ran downstairs to help and saw Anna on the ground bleeding, saying, “Amanda, you stabbed me!” The New York Post also reported that a 12-year-old neighbor claimed to have seen the fight, and said there was a man present.

Both twins were mothers, with Anna having three children and Amanda one 20-month-old. Both were in the nursing field; Anna was a certified nursing assistant, and Amanda was a home health aide. A GoFundMe has been set up for Anna, and her family laid her to rest on June 28th.


As for Amanda, her attorney attempted to argue that she be released on bail due to having no prior arrests, but the request was denied. She’s currently being held in jail without bail.

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