Anti-Gay Republican Congressman Aaron Schock Caught On Camera At Gay Dive Bar In Mexico City

If he was going to go-go he should’ve done it on the down-low.

Who Is Aaron Schock? New Details On Anti-Gay Republican Congressman Caught On Camera At Gay Dive Bar In Mexico Instagram

I’m all for public figures having their personal lives remain personal, but at least be consistent with your values! Former Republican congressman from Illinois Aaron Schock is known for supporting anti-gay policies (for example, he voted against the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell), but last weekend an onlooker saw him partying it up at Boy Bar, a gay hotspot in Mexico City. Read on to find out more about Schock and if he had any valid justifications for his shocking, hypocritical actions! Who is Aaron Schock?


1. He was filmed stuffing cash into a go-go dancer's tiny briefs at a gay bar in Mexico City.

*insert cat-calling noises* The onlooker who saw him at the bar told DailyMailTV, "I was taking a video of the go-go dancer on stage and all of a sudden I saw him. He looked like he was enjoying himself." The bar, Boy Bar, is an LGBT dive bar in the area of Zona Rosa, the city's Red Light District.


2. He has denied being gay in past interviews. 

And yet, earlier this year he was seen partying with gay men at Coachella. In one leaked photo, he was allegedly kissing a man and had his hands down his pants. But maybe he’s just a bromantic guy...?

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3. He resigned in 2015 after his lavish spending was investigated. 

Well, he was forced to resign after being accused of using taxpayer money to fund extravagant trips, decorations for his office to mimic the set of Downton Abbey, workout DVDs, a private plane flight to attend a Chicago Bears game, and reimbursement for gas mileage on his personal vehicle. His use of (his own) campaign funds and his official House allowance to pay for these personal expenses resulted in a federal investigation.



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4. He struck a deal with prosecutors to get out of it. 

The deal, known as deferred prosecution agreement, entailed him paying back $100,000 of misappropriated funds in return for avoiding jail time and a felony conviction. Oh, he also got out of lying on his taxes even after admitting that while he was serving as Congressman, he would resell sports tickets (like to the World Series and the Super Bowl) for profit. He made about $42,000 that he didn’t report on his taxes.


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How convenient it must be to be able to buy your way out of felonies! Schock, if you’re reading this, let me know if your money can save you from all the mocking memes coming your way, too.

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