20 Best Wedding Theme Ideas For Couples Who Want Something Out-Of-The-Ordinary

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Best Wedding Themes For Couples Who Want Something Out-Of-The-Ordinary

There's something wonderfully traditional about a wedding, banquet halls, and floral drappings. From the wedding bells to love-inspired decor, it sparks a sense of joy in all the guests who are lucky enough to attend.

However, what about those out-of-the-box ceremonies and receptions? The ones that change the status-quo and highlight the couple's quirky personalities and interesting hobbies.

It's surprising to know that an event, like a wedding, can take a total 180 degree spin-off of tradition to something truly unique and tailored. Read on as we list 20 different wedding themes that are out of the ordinary, unique, and bound to give you some inspiration for your own.

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1. Circus 


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For those who hold a special place in their hearts for The Greatest Showman or their childhood memories at the circus, this may be a perfect wedding theme idea for you.

Try hosting your reception in a large tent out under the night sky with entertainment such as trapeze artist and fortune tellers. Dessert tables of cotton candy and take-away popcorn cannot only add to the decor but serve as a yummy treat for your wedding guests. 

2. Cirque Du Soleil


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Or take a classic approach to the circus lifestyle and opt for Cirque Du Soleil. From ambiance lighting to out of this world entertainment, you'll have guests bending over backwards to try and be a part of the action. 

3. Game of Thrones


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Winter may be over, but our love and admiration for Game of Thrones is not going anywhere. People have taken their love of the iconic TV show to an extreme level by hosting their weddings to reflect all things Westeros.

From dressing as Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, to incorporating kingdoms as table "numbers," the creativity a Game of Thrones wedding can reach is endless.  

4. Mardi Gras


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Hopefully, with clothing on! Bringing the fun from New Orleans to your reception is a great idea to ensure you're creating a lively party atmosphere.

Filled with decorative masks, beads, and the colors purple, yellow, and green, you'll surely create a night all your wedding guests will remember as you recreate Bourbon Street. 

5. The Office


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While Netflix will be discontinuing the streaming of The Office in 2022, we're here to "raise the roof" like it's Scranton, Pennsylvania. If you and your partner can capture the same love seen in Jim and Pam's wedding, you're surely in good company. 

6. The Renaissance 


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What could mark a more special occasion (like a wedding) than having an assortment of colorful, flowy dresses and decorative flower crowns? Embrace the enlightened years on your special day and channel your inner Da Vinci and Michaelangelo.

Remember, the bigger the (flower) crown, the more "on-theme" you'll be, so bring on those floral arrangements. 

7. Star Trek


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Trekkies, you're in luck! It's not only acceptable to throw a Star Trek wedding, it's very encouraged. Go "Where No Man Has Gone Before" and play up the decor, and even menu offers to fit an out of this world theme. 

8. Patriotic 


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This can be everything from American, to Dutch, Australian and beyond. This theme is a lovely idea for those of two nations tying the knot. Bring out each culture's honors and traditions in a way that teaches the wedding guests something new.

Try mixing up the food choices and music. Everyone will be sure to love the old and new (depending who the guests are there for).

9. Star Wars


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In a galaxy far, far away, there lived a couple who loved each other... and Star Wars! Whether you're bringing it back old school or embracing the later releases, there's no shortage of ideas to choose from when picking out inspiration for a Star Wars wedding.

Our particular favorite? Naming guests' tables after different planets mentioned in the film. 

10. Taco Bell


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Yo quiero (mucho) Taco Bell? You must have a deep, undying love for Taco Bell if you wish to theme your wedding around this extremely popular fast food chain. It'll certainly be a fiesta with crunch-wrap supremes and tacos on deck. Turn it up a notch and get your wedding photos shot at a Taco Bell!

11. Vintage

If you and your partner love charm and character, bring these aspects to life in a Vintage-themed wedding. While a bride is supposed to have something borrowed and something old, try having everything old and borrowed (who needs something new anyway?).

For decor ideas, bring out family heirlooms, aged photos, and maybe a vintage car or two. 

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12. Garden Party


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Lilly Pulitzer and Brooks Brothers, rejoice! Bring on the manners, bright colors, and classic tunes — whether you serve tea at your wedding or not, remember: pinkies up! For this unique wedding theme, play around with tablesettings and centerpieces that help bring life and a touch of class to your reception. 

13. Disney


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What could be more perfect than celebrating a happily ever after, Disney style? Be a princess or prince on your special day, wear the ballgown or tuxedo, tie-the-knot in a castle, even ride away in Cinderella's horse drawn buggy.

If you really feel inspired, Disney Weddings can actually put together your special day (down to the singing birds) in one of their many locations. 

14. Travel 


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For the couples running out of pages in their passports and love marking a new country off their bucket list (or unventured state), embrace your love of travel by incorporating it into your wedding day.

Some great ideas to incorporate could include: having guests sign a globe on their walk in (instead of a guestbook), or naming your seating charts/table after your countries visited together. 

15. Flappers

I'll be your Daisy, if you'll be my Gatsby. There's something so fun, exciting, and scandolous about celebrating the 1920s. From flapper dresses, to champagne towers, why not cheers to the Prohibition Era?

Bring on the speakeasys and tassles. We can guarentee there won't be one single guest not up on the dance floor with classic jazz playing throughout the night. 

16. Alice in Wonderland

Mad Hatter and the Treasure Cat had it right when it came to celebrating and throwing a party. Elaborate, over-the-top, and quirky are just three adjective to describe wonderland. "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

17. Andy Warhol


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Who is Andy Warhol, and does he know he's created a dynamic design theme that is incorporated into home decor, graphic communications, and even weddings? A true master with a paintbrush, he defied the rules and appriciation of art culutre and created an era: the era of Warhol.

Bring elements of Warhol into your weddng by thinking outside the lines of a traditional ceremony and reception. 

18. Hawaiian Luau 


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What's better than a beach wedding? A Luau beach wedding. Full of sun, sand, and roasted pig, bring on the grass skirts and dance the night away under the night sky.

Bringing element of nature into your wedding is a key component of mastering a Luau wedding, whether it's arrangement of plants, florals, and including a farm-to-table cusine. For an added flare, include Polynesian culture by hiring a performance group to dance with you and your guests. 

19. Wes Anderson 

If you and your partner dress up as your favorite Wes Anderson characters for Halloween, it may be time to think bigger. We're talking wedding big, whether it's re-creating The Grand Budapest Hotel or having ominous wedding photos in a far off field... or with fur.

The sky is the limit with decor and entertainment ideas. 

20. Oktoberfest 


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Two things most loved from Germany include: German Engineering, and Oktoberfest. Whether you and your partner are German yourselves, or just love beer, there's so much fun to be had with throwing an Oktoberfest wedding.

Wear your Lederhosen (it's okay, you can change out of your wedding dress and tux after the ceremony) and grab a pint, because your wedding will surely be the talk of the town. And what's an Oktoberfest without a Preztel Bar, with an assortment of dips?

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