12 Best Vow Renewal Ideas That Are Uber-Romantic

Celebrate this tremendous milestone.

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Jetting off to paradise for a destination vow renewal is a great way to make long-lasting memories for both couples and their closest loved ones. Whether it be to the spot where they took their honeymoon years ago, or a new destination they’ve never explored together, married couples are upping the ante to make sure their vow renewal is extra memorable.

“A milestone vow renewal is the perfect excuse to pack up and take your loved ones on an unforgettable trip,” suggests Jen Avey of Destination Wedding Travel Group. But not all couples have the same vow renewal ideas.


No matter if they've been married 10, 20, or 50 years, renewing vows is a special thing. And with these suggestions, you can prove that your love is still strong, even after all these years.

1. Destination renewals

Beach destinations such as Mexico, Jamaica and Aruba are teeming with romantic, all-inclusive resorts and vow renewal packages which offer couples unique settings for their celebration.

“All-inclusive vow renewal packages are a great idea for couples looking for a lavish event on a tighter budget. With everything from the ceremony décor to flower arrangements included in one bundled price, these packages offer a stress-free process,” says Avey.


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2. Sand ceremonies

“If you originally had a beach wedding and did a sand ceremony, bring your original vase with you and layer two new sand colors on top of the original, symbolizing your growth in marriage throughout the years,” Avey suggests. This will remain a special keepsake from your celebration for years to come.

3. Milestone anniversary renewal

Vow renewals often happen at milestone anniversary years, but these milestones are not limited to 25- and 50-year markers.


Says Kimberly Allen, Chief Experience Officer and Co-founder of Something Fabulous“The decades go fast, and the best vow renewals honor the memories made and those yet to be created.” Couples considering a vow renewal should think about the reason they are choosing to say "I do" again.

4. Make it formal

Did you elope or visit the courthouse for your initial nuptials? If so, perhaps your vow renewal will take the form of a more formalized celebration, complete with personal pastor, priest or officiant.

“In this scenario, the emphasis on traditional details may be just what is required for the best outcome,” Allen says. Flowers, cake, fancy dresses, and tailored menswear are picture-perfect for that traditional reception you may have opted out of the first time around.  

5. Keep things small

When you don't want to make a fuss, but still wish to proclaim your love for one another, why not keep things simple?


“I love the idea of vow renewals being smaller and more intimate,” expresses Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design. “This can mean just the two of you and maybe a few close friends that travel to an island for a 4-day weekend.”

6. Go experiential

Seeing as how vow renewals are more intimate than a traditional wedding, you have the freedom to focus your budget on an experiential getaway rather than worrying about securing vendors for a 100-person guest list.

Because of this, “We’ve seen a spike in popularity for vow renewals in wine country. This gives you, your spouse, and your guests the chance to enjoy your trip and immerse yourself in activities that your locale has to offer,” says Heather Jones of Wente Vineyards.

If you’re able to, incorporate wines that complement your original selections for your wedding. More than likely, it will be difficult to have the exact same wine, but you can aim for the same variety or even the same brand from a different year.


7. Involve the kids

Do you have children? Involve them in preparing for the celebration, and be sure to work as a family team to discuss the details and execution of the occasion. All decisions shouldn't made by one person and dictated to the others. Instead, consider displaying pictures of your courtship and wedding day alongside family photographs.

“If you believe the best way to lead is by example, your vow renewal is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your family and exhibit love as a verb,” Allen says.

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8. Include all generations

We're in a unique time when some couples celebrate their 25th year together in their 40s or 50s, with grown children and grandchildren. Others find themselves older with blended families from previous marriages. This milestone is a fun memory for younger guests, and a witness of the choice to love and grow together for older grandchildren/children embarking on their own life and love journeys.


“For all of these couples, a vow renewal that includes their grandchildren is the perfect memory-making moment. Consider an intimate dinner party with a viewing room for wedding videos and pictures from the wedding to present day. A must at this celebration a professional photographer to capture the memories being made,” Allen suggests.

9. Consider a unity ceremony

Says Kevin Dennis of Fantasy Sound Event Services, “A unity ceremony is a popular choice among couples looking to renew their vows, incorporating something tangible into the celebration.”

A few examples of this include planting a tree in a significant location of your choice, a sand blending ceremony, or building a box to store love letters to one another to open at a later anniversary date. Having something interactive for guests is a great bonding experience, and you’ll have something physical to remember this important day.

10. Make it a surprise

Lots of people crave a surprise factor with their vow renewal. We don’t love the idea of surprising your significant other and putting them on the spot; instead, let your friends and family experience the surprise themselves.


“Whether the excuse to invite your friends and family is a casual backyard barbecue or a swanky cocktail party, your vow renewal can be any style of event. And everyone attending will be in for a treat!” says Leah Weinberg of Color Pop Events.

11. Use wedding portraits

Recreating your original wedding portraits is a beautiful element to incorporate into your vow renewal, mirroring certain poses from your favorite photos on the big day that started it all.

“While not necessary, it’s also a great idea to secure the same photographer if possible, as you’ll already be comfortable with their style and they’ll know how to capture new memories for you to add to your wedding album. For example, a new ‘first look’ with your spouse before renewing your vows in front of friends and family is a perfect way to reminisce on your wedding day,” Keith Phillips of Classic Photographers says.


12. Try new aspects

“One thing I don't recommend is going back to the place you exchange vows the first time, because it will never be the same and you should keep the memory as it is,” Rothweiler warns.

No matter the year being marked or the vows being exchanged, the best celebrations honor the couple and their life together. They are intentional, authentic and mindful that love is a choice every day, and that actions definitely speak louder than words.

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