What The Full Moon In Sagittarius And The Nine Of Wands Tarot Card Mean For Your Love Life And Relationships

There's a two-sided coin in play here.

The Moon in Sagittarius, The Tarot's Nine of Wands getty

Mad. Crazy. Loony. Moonstruck. Notice how crazy and lunar seem to be related? Well, that's because those in olden times believed the moon was responsible for insanity. And the funny thing is, they weren't that far off.

No, the moon doesn't literally make you crazy, regardless of what books on werewolves would like us to believe. However, the moon does govern the psyche, instincts, the need for security, emotions, memories and the longing for contact.


Notice how not a one of those have a thing to do with logic, reason, or societal expectations. And just like how the moon controls the ebb and flow of the tide, the position of the moon shows our urges. What do we run to? What do we run from? These are questions astrology and tarot can answer.

Come June 17th, there will be a full moon in Sagittarius. The moon is cyclical, emotional, instinctual, craves security and psychic. It's also needy, touchy, moody, suspicious, lazy, unpredictable and smothering.

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Sagittarius is expansive, enthusiastic, a free spirit, philosophical, seeks meaning, high values, is firm in their beliefs, and searching for truth. This sign is also a known intellectual snob, morally arrogant, long-winded, and tends to put its foot in its mouth.

What does that mean? In traditional tarot, the placement of the moon in Sagittarius is related to the card the Nine of Wands. Uf you take a gander at this card, it doesn't look like a lot of fun. You have the weary, tired, worn solitary figure standing at the ready with one hand wrapped around a wand, while eight other wands are planted in the ground behind him (or her, depending on the deck artist).

The number nine represents the nearing of the end of a cycle, and the moon is all about cycles. When you add all of this together, you get the image of the Nine of Wands, the one who will not give up or back down.

There's a reason this card is known as the Lord of Great Strength. The word here is perseverance. This card represents standing your ground regardless of what has been thrown at you. That takes more than a little bit of guts.


What does this mean emotionally? This is the card of not giving up, and as Sagittarius searches for freedom, don't be surprised if you find yourself moving from an emotionally stifling situation.

If there are things you were worried about others finding out — a new relationship or a belief system — this is the time where you find you don't really care about their opinions on your life choices.

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But that's not entirely true. A part of you will; however, you will find that standing up for what you believe is the right path for yourself and it's more important than the opinions of others.


In relationships, this moon might bring a bit of friction. You know you're right. However, your friends, family and significant other all know they are right. This leads to posturing, grandstanding and demoralizing. And considering the number nine means approaching an ending, depending on the depth of the disagreement, a relationship might be nearing its end.

Another reason for possible relationship endings as well as fallouts is the defensive qualities of the moon, which are amplified. It deals with memories, so there's a high chance that emotional baggage that was supposed to be taken care of might make an unwelcome appearance.

Past hurts have you more than a little antsy. And that's fine. The timeline for getting over things is relative. And when someone says, "You should be over that," odds are, you'll have no problem letting them know in the most blunt manner how stupid you think they sound. And it will feel magnificent... for a little bit, at least.

This card also symbolizes not giving up, so there's a two-sided coin in play. The one side is freedom-loving Sagittarius' refusal to be tied down. This brings the need to explore horizons, and if someone is being too clingy, it's just not going to end well. However, the full moon demands security and validation, and can end up clinging. The best thing to do here is to be on the look out for both of these behaviors and act accordingly.


The main thing to remember on this day is that while it's vital to protect yourself, make certain that you don't become extremely defensive or let your ego or bitterness get the better of you. That could end up with disastrous results and leave you pretty lonely.

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Lexie Marshall is a writer, tarot reader and environmentalist. When she's not writing, turning cards or trying to save the world, she's normally found buried in a book.