Who Is Tim McCormack? New Details On The Doomed Pilot Who Crashed His Helicopter In New York City

The entire incident didn't need to happen.

Who Is Tim McCormack? New Details On The Doomed Pilot Who Crashed His Helicopter In New York City Clinton Fire Department

His name was virtually unknown until his helicopter crashed atop a New York City building after flying into restricted airspace. And now, as more details come out about the crash, it's become evident that it was a tragedy that didn't need to happen. Who is Tim McCormack, and what was his role in the incident?

The sole good thing to come out of Monday’s tragic helicopter accident in New York City is that no one was injured, or killed, aside from the pilot. However, even one death is one too many, and the NTSB is still investigating the crash that rocked New York City.


Here’s what we know about Tim McCormack, who lost his life doing what he loved.

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1. He was a well-respected pilot.

According to AM New York, Tim McCormack was a native of Clinton, New York, which is located in an area that’s colloquially known as “upstate.” The outlet spoke to a few people who knew the fallen pilot and former firefighter, and they said that they couldn’t reconcile the man they knew with the man that caused the crash.

“Tim's technical knowledge and ability to command an emergency were exceptional. Chief McCormack was extremely respected by not only the members of the department, but throughout the Dutchess County fire service,” said the Clinton fire department in a statement to the outlet.


Could bad weather have been a contributing factor in the crash?

2. He was lost.

According to the New York Post, Tim McCormack had originally planned to go back to Linden, NJ, after he’d dropped his passenger off at the 34th Street Heliport. However, thanks to the torrential rains that were happening at the time of the incident, he couldn’t see where he was going.


“McCormack’s radio calls, which the official described to The Associated Press, are the clearest evidence so far that the lousy weather might have played a role in the accident. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, wasn’t authorized to discuss the radio calls publicly because of the ongoing federal investigation,” reported the outlet.

People were shocked about the crash.


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3. Tim McCormack wasn’t supposed to be flying.

NBC News spoke to a representative at the FAA, and they’ve made clear that Tim McCormack wasn’t supposed to be flying the helicopter for a number of reasons.

“Timothy McCormack did not have the required certificate that would have allowed him to legally fly when the visibility was less than 3 miles and where he could use the instruments on his chopper to guide him through the gloom and rain that enveloped Manhattan on Monday,” an FAA spokeswoman told the outlet.

What’s more, because the weather in New York City was so terrible that day, it was necessary for any pilot to be “instrument rated” before they took to the skies. The fact that McCormack wasn’t was a huge factor that played in his death.


Tim McCormack may have lost his life senselessly.

4. The investigation is still ongoing.

While initial reports about the helicopter crash have been released, CBS News has revealed that the investigation into the crash is still ongoing. The NTSB is set to release an additional report in about a week from today.


“Brazy said a salvage crew expected to start removing the wreckage from the roof by Tuesday evening, possibly by taking pieces down the stairs and elevator. It will be moved to a secure location for further examination,” he said to the outlet.

The helicopter crash that claimed Tim McCormack's life was a scary sight to behold.


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