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Who Is Sofia Chua-Rubenfeld? New Details On The 'Tiger Mom's' Daughter And Her New Job With Brett Kavanaugh

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Who Is Sofia Chua-Rubenfeld? New Details On The 'Tiger Mom's' Daughter And Her New Job With Brett Kavanaugh

I have been very lucky when it comes to family, with mother's especially. I'm 35 and while the rest of my unmarried friends have tales of moms wailing at them to get married and start having babies or at least to get a better paying job, my mom has never been like that. Her main priority as a mother has always been to make sure that I'm happy. 

But not all moms are like that. Amy Chua, otherwise known as the Tiger Mom, is not one of those mothers. Heck, she even wrote a book about how to NOT be one of those mothers. While Amy loves her daughter Sophia with all her heart, her parenting techniques are different. Here's what you need to know about Amy's daughter Sofia Chua-Rubenfeld, and what her mother did to help her succeed. Who is Sofia Chua-Rubenfeld?

1. Tiger Mom 

Amy Chua, a law professor at Yale, is better known by another name: Tiger Mom. She earned this moniker after her controversial book about parenting, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, was released and became a bestseller, not to mention a topic on every blogger's lips. Seriously, go Google "Tiger Mom hot takes" I dare you. Then say goodbye to your night. Amy's daughter, Sofia Chua-Rubenfeld (perhaps we should be calling her Tiger Daughter, idk? It feels...racist? And terrible?) is in the news currently and it's all thanks to (surprise surprise) the ongoing antics of her mother, Amy. That's right, the Tiger Mom has struck again, and this time it seems like she won't rest until she gets her daughter at the center of a fire storm of controversy. 

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2. Clerkship

You see, it's all thanks to Tiger Mom's ferocity that her little girl has a job that connects her directly to the Supreme Court! But don't get it twisted, Sofia didn't land this gig because of her own accomplishments (of which there are many, we'll get to that I promise). Instead, Sofia was offered a position after her mother penned a controversial Op-Ed...about Brett Kavanaugh. You see, when Kavanaugh was initially named as a nominee to the Supreme Court, Tiger Mom picked up her pen, or more likely, opened up Microsoft Word, and wrote a love letter to Brett Kavanaugh. This is not me telling tales. She literally called the man a mentor to women. In light of her words, her daughter was offered a clerkship with the Supreme Court for Kavanaugh. 

3. The Twist 

But there's something super important that you should know: Tiger Mom wasn't going out of her way to incite hatred or get herself back into the media machine. She actually went ahead and wrote her piece on Kavanaugh long before the wave of general public opinion turned against Kavanaugh. Heck, it was before anyone knew Christine Blasey Ford's name! So yes, I felt duty bound to report that Amy wasn't dastardly enough to throw her daughter to the proverbial wolves by getting her a gig with a known sexual abuser. If anything, it was just Tiger Mom on another tear to get her daughter the best opportunities she could. Wonder if she's had any second thoughts since her words went to press. 

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4. Sofia Speaks 

As one might expect of a Tiger Mom, it hasn't been Amy who has done most of the speaking out against charges that she wrote the op-ed simply to get her daughter a spot as a clerk to the Supreme Court. In fact, when news of her op-ed started to go viral and Amy braced herself for the next round of rocks to coming hurling her way, it was Sofia who spoke out. 

On Twitter, when Sofia became aware of how people perceived her mother's words and actions, she knew she had to do something and do it fast. She spoke up for herself on social media, telling her followers (and the public at large) that she was too busy at the moment and wouldn't even be able to think about a clerk's position for quite some time. 

5. The Truth

But it turns out that Sofia is just as cagey as her mother, and when she addressed claims that she wouldn't be a clerk soon, she was kind of mincing her words. Sure, it made both her and her mother look a little bit better, but when the truth finally did come out about her gig, it made her previous statements seem a bit manipulative. 

Sofia had pointed to her ROTC obligations that she had to fulfill after graduating from Yale's law program herself as the reason she wasn't clerking. But Kavanaugh's office itself has confirmed that once her work with the ROTC is done she will absolutely be coming on board as a clerk. Yikes. 

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