Is Tan Mom Dying? New Details On Patricia Krentcil Who Is Currently 'Fighting For Her Life' With Pneumonia

Tan Mom is in a medically-induced coma.

Is Tan Mom Dying? New Details On Patricia Krentcil Who Is Currently 'Fighting For Her Life' With Pneumonia Instagram

She first made headlines by bringing her five-year-old daughter to a tanning booth and now she's in the hospital fighting for her life. Is Tan Mom dying?

Patricia Krentcil can’t seem to make the news for any of the right reasons. First, she made headlines by bringing her five-year-old daughter to a tanning salon — which is nothing if not unhealthy and frightening — and now, she’s “taking a turn for the worse” after the news was released about her unfortunate health scare.


Here’s what we know about Tan Mom and if indeed she is dying.

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1. She’s suffering from pneumonia.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, Tan Mom is currently on life support in Florida after suffering from a bout of pneumonia. Because Krentcil is a smoker, her lungs are very weak, as is her immune system. While pneumonia is a serious medical issue, it’s been made worse because of Krentcil’s less-than-perfect health.

“Our source says Tan Mom’s doctors put her into a medically-induced coma Friday night and performed intubation to allow her to breathe. Right now, she is critical and has her husband, Richard, by her side. Adam Barta, Tan Mom’s longtime producer, also confirms the tragic turn of events and is hoping she is able to pull through,” reports the outlet.


2. Patricia Krentcil moved from New Jersey to Florida to pursue a musical career.

According to Page Six, Adam Barta — who first became known for his work on the hit Comedy Central show Strangers with Candy — helped Tan Mom become known in the music world. Her song, “Free 2 Be Me,” was a hit after it was played on The Howard Stern Show. As of this writing, the song has more than half-million views on YouTube.

Barta also was the one who released statements giving updates about Patricia Krentcil’s condition.

“Currently, she is still on life support (via the intubator) and in a medically-induced sleep until her heart are lungs are strong enough to handle functioning on their own. The fluid is draining from her lungs and she is improving today but she is definitely not out of the woods. They are feeding her very strong antibiotics to kill the infection as well, so her system is taking quite a hit. I personally believe last night was the most critical turning point, and she made it so she will only continue to get better. The current plan is to try to extubate and revive her tomorrow or Tuesday, provided she maintains this trajectory,” he said in a statement.

Tan Mom is in a medically induced coma.


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3. She was charged with a crime thanks to the tanning bed incident.

Even though Tan Mom’s daughter is a teenager now, she suffered very badly when she was a child as a result of the tanning bed incident.

According to The New York Daily News, Anna Krentcil, who was five when she was placed into the tanning bed by her mother, suffered severe burns all over her body. Patricia Krentcil was then arrested on charges of second-degree child endangerment and was released on $25,000 bail. She pleaded not guilty, but the district attorney ultimately declined to prosecute.

Tan Mom didn't always make the news for the right reasons.


4. Her family moved to Florida to be by her side.

According to, Krentcil’s family moved to Florida, temporarily, to be by her side while she was recovering. While all of her friends and family are railing around her, hoping that she survives, the doctors continue to remind her family that she is not “out of the woods” quite yet. As of this writing, though she is in a medically induced coma, she’s still in stable condition.

Here’s hoping she gets well soon.

Adam Barta is Tan Mom's longtime producer. 


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