Who Is Liam Booth? New Details On Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Mark Zuckerberg's Head Of Security

He offered to feed one of his accusers"something raw."

Who Is Liam Booth? New Details On Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Mark Zuckerberg's Head of Security Instagram

Being the personal security chief/bodyguard for Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a pretty sweet gig that probably comes with some excellent perks. Liam Booth would know, it's a position he's had since October 2017. Officially, he is the Chief Security Officer for the Chan/Zuckerberg Initiative, the philanthropic foundation Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan set up. I doubt he's going to have the job much longer however as he's been put on adminstrative leave after being accused of making racist and homophobic remarks and being accused of sexual harassment by two members of Zuckerberg's staff. One of the accusers is a member of Zuckerberg and Chan's household staff. In July 2018, while at an event at a sushi restaurant, Booth allegedly told this person: "I'll feed you something raw." Who is Liam Booth?


1. He was a Secret Service Agent

According to his LinkedIn profile, Liam Booth is a former Secret Service agent who served in the Obama Administration. Booth helped in the development of protocols for safeguarding the President of the United States while overseas. His bio reads, in part: “With the United States Secret Service, I developed and implemented an unprecedented and sustainable training cycle program for all field office personnel to maintain and update the foundational skills associated with being a Secret Service agent. I co-authored the Congressional Briefing Book regarding current trends throughout the world concerning counterfeit operations. I also developed, managed, and supervised the overall planning, coordination, and implementation of a comprehensive security plan for the protection of the president of the United States during domestic and international travel.”


2. Complaints about him were ignored

Two former staffers wrote letters detailing how they repeatedly complained about Booth's behavior to Brian Mosteller, a high level aide to Mark Zuckerberg. Mosteller ignored the complaints. One of the accusers is a 34-year-old former employee of Zuckerberg's household staff who was responsible for preparing Zuckerberg's various houses for the family's arrival. The other is Booth's former executive assistant. Both accusers have hired attorney Lisa Bloom, who represented Bill O'Reilly's accusers in 2017. Booth was resposible for overseeing the security for Zuckerberg's household and non-Facebook affiiated events. The accusers said that they were subjected to "pervasive discriminatory conduct," "horrific levels of sexual harassment and battery," and an environment in which they were repeatedly forced to endure racist, homophobic and transphobic diatribes.

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3. He made racist remarks about Mark Zuckerberg's wife

Booth allegdly said that Mark Zuckerberg's wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, was a bad driver because she is a "woman and Asian." He also said she had "no peripheral vision," which is completely racist. 

4. He said white lives matter more than black lives

Booth allegedly said that he "didn't trust Black people" and went on to say that "white lives matter more than black lives." He said that the Black Lives Matter movement was "reverse racism" and he also bragged about how he was doing his best to undermine Priscilla Chan's diversity hiring policy. 


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5. He called a transgender employee "it"

Booth is also accused of calling a transgender employee an "it" instead of using that person's preferred pronoun.


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