15 Most Unique Wedding Venue Ideas To Make Your Special Day Stand Out

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5 Unique Wedding Venue Ideas To Make Your Special Day Stand Out

While many couples go the traditional route for their wedding venue — houses of worship, banquet halls, and event spaces — we're here to tell you that (when planning a wedding), there are options to get creative. By incorporating a unique wedding venue into your special day (whether it be the ceramony or reception), you're guarenteeing a new or nearly-new experience for your family and friends.

Below, we've listed 15 creative wedding ideas and venues to tie the knot. And for the non-traditional bride, this should stir up some inspiration for the big day!

1. Building ruins 


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Not only is hosting a wedding at a ruin extremely rustic and picturesque, it's historical and story-telling. Filled with a past and a collection of narratives as reflective as a fairytale, what more could you want from a venue when saying your "I dos"?

Places like the Barnsley Resort in Georgia host weddings in an old manor house ruin. As guests overlook an old home, filled with loving memories of a couple and home from a previous life, it adds sentiment and wonder.

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2. An art gallery

For those who are fans of creativity, bold colors, and staple artistic expression, consider tying the knot at an art musuem. Whether the couple prefers modern or surrealism, there's a wide variety of art collections and categories to choose from. 

3. A golf course


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As golf course venues have been gaining popularity over the last several years, they're still a relatively unique location to host your wedding. Whether the couple prefers to golf (or not), these courses make for great landscape and some beautiful sunsets. 

4. An old barnhouse


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A farm barnhouse is the perfect location for a unique and Pinterest-perfect wedding. A landscape for twinkling outdoor lights, long tables, and beautiful centerpieces, a barn is such a wonderful way to celebrate your special day with your loved ones. 

5. A museum


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For the history buff couples, who share a love of discovering lands far away or ancient cultures, try sharing your vows in a venue fitting of your passions and interest. Between history, aviation, or art, there's a wide variety of museum options to choose from.

6. In the middle of the ocean


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Clear blue skies and sceneic ocean views — what could be more romantic and serene? Cruise ships are a great option when deciding where to get married, but the only downside (or upside) is that you may have to keep your attendance numbers down. 

7. A castle


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What's more of a fairytale wedding than choosing to get married at an actual castle? Beautiful ancient castles are located all around Europe, particularly in Ireland.

Make your wedding magical by whisking away your partner and guests. Places like the Ballyfin Demsne in County Laois, Ireland, offer ultra extreme luxury weddings for you and your guests.

8. The brewery 


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Beer lovers everywhere, rejoice! Couple who decide to marry or celebrate their recpetion at a brewery are edgy, unique, and quite fun. Whether it takes place in the brewery itself or an outside venue space, one thing's for sure: you're bound to have a lovely selection of craft beers for your guests.

9. An aquarium 


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Whether you're a marine biologist or just really love the moving Finding Nemo, getting married in an aquarium is a great idea. Not only is it a unique choice of venue, but provides entertainment for both the couple and the guest.

Check with the aquarium beforehand to see what exhibits and locations are free for the guests to roam. 

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10. A vineyard


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Like golf courses, marrying in wine vineyards have increased in popularity. While the event space hosted by the winery is pretty common, try adding a unique spin by actually exchanging vows among the grape vineyards. Spending time outdoors will add a nice earthy feel to both your ceremony and reception. 

10. National parks


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Talk about spending time outdoors! For those couples who enjoy hiking and crossing national parks off their bucket list, choosing one for your wedding is perfect. According to parks like Yellow Stone National Park, couples must apply for a permit before moving forward with any wedding plans. 

11. An old movie theater


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Old movie theaters are a perfect and unique wedding venue. As movie theaters back in the day resembled more of a Broadway theater, with classic fixings and furnishings, many have been reestablished as venue and event spaces.

Plus, think of how your wedding hashtag or new last names would look on a glowing marquee. 

12. Botanical Gardens 


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Green thumb or not, there's no denying the magestic beauty of flowers and extensive greenery. Choosing a nationally recognized botantical garden, or one close to home, there's a unique element of sharing your love with family and friends among plants that are constantly blooming. 

13. A library 


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Although Carrie Bradshaw's wedding to Mr. Big didn't work out the way we wanted it to, we can't deny how beautiful the venue was. Lined with natural decor, the continuous rows of books make for a fairytale-like setting, and create a truly beautiful ambiance. 

14. A farm or orchard


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Different than a barnhouse or vineyard, getting married at a traditional farmhouse or orchard is a truly unique and special venue. Complete with the iconic rustic decor as well as a beautiful backdrop of apple orchards, your wedding scene will be one to remember forever. 

15. Under a bridge


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Hopefully it's not just water under the bridge. Instead, we're hoping for meaningful vows, gorgeous dresses, and sparkling rings. If interested in pursuing a wedding venue under the bridge, look to your local (or regional) parks and recreation to see what could be a possible option. 

Bonus: Taco Bell

And a special shout out to this couple who got married in a Taco Bell!


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