How Did Linda Collins-Smith Die? New Details About The Former Arkansas State Senator Found Shot Dead In Her Home

She was 57 years old.

How Did Linda Collins-Smith Die? New Details About The Former Arkansas State Senator Found Shot Dead In Her Home getty

While homicides occur everyday, they can still make an impact on people, even if we never actually knew the person. When celebrities or other famous individuals pass away, it fills us with sorrow, and we have our own individual ways of mourning their passing. But while most of these high-profile deaths are due to age, health conditions, and sadly, overdoses, murder isn’t the first cause of death that comes to mind.


And this is exactly what the state of Arkansas is pondering following the death of Linda Collins-Smith, a former Arkansas State Senator. Collins-Smith, 57, was elected in 2011, originally a Democrat but switched to Republican eight months later. She was ultimately defeated in the 2018 primary elections.

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How did Linda Collins-Smith die? On June 4th, she was found dead in her home in Pocahontas, AR, with a gunshot wound.

However, the circumstances of her death haven’t yet been released. Her former press secretary, Ken Yang, revealed  her death is being investigated as a homicide. According to Yang, neighbors heard several gunshots a day or two before her body was discovered; the body was wrapped in a blanket.



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By the time her body was found, it was already decomposing, leading to difficulty identifying her.


In a press conference on June 5th, Kevin Bell, Randolph County Sheriff, said, “The condition of the body prevented any immediate positive identification. The body has been sent for an autopsy to determine the positive identification and cause of death.” A judge has also issued a gag order to seal the documents and statements collected by authorities.

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Though the body hasn’t positively been identified officially as Collins-Smith, we can only assume her cause of death is a gunshot wound.

In an interview, Yang said she was “someone who truly cared about Arkansas, truly cared about her district... It was shocking. This was not just a political relationship. This was a close personal friendship that I had with Linda.”


It’s quite a shock for her Republican and GOP colleagues, as well as politicians on the other end of the spectrum, and all took to social media to express their grief and sorrow.

It’s our hope, as well as others’, that her death is solved and her perpetrator is brought to justice.


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