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10 Best Honeymoon Registries (That Offer Way More Than Bath Towels)

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Honeymoon registries

Wedding registries are commonplace and ARE used for everything from fancy china to high-end bedding. but there’s a whole new level of these registries where couples are registering for stuff they really need, like cash!

Money is useful for buying a house, a car, or planning that honeymoon, and having a honeymoon registry has taken off as the latest hottest option.

In a honeymoon registry, the couple asks wedding guests to help pay for their honeymoon trip. You may be giving cash for the wedding gift anyway, so here’s how to make sure it gets used in the way the couple really wants.

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1. Blueprint

On Blueprint, create a page where you can list different aspects of your honeymoon you are hoping for contributions for, whether it be flights or hotels or another aspect, or make it even easier and create one integrated fund.

2. Honeymoon Wishes

This site is great because it has tons of free tools, from downloadable announcement cards, to even a useful "thank you" tracker. There’s also an option where guests can send cash directly to hotels, meaning you don’t have to get involved in the process at all.

3. WeddingWire

WeddingWire lets you create retail registries from your favorite stores and import them so everything is in one place. You can browse through all the items curated, and also create a section of the listings for cash gift requests.

4. Zola

Zola is one of the most known sites, with a “funds” section of the registry that offers honeymoon and cash fund options. Friends and family and other guests can choose to contribute to part of your honeymoon, be it flights, hotels, or anything else.

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5. Traveler’s Joy

This is one of the original online honeymoon registries, making it a great option if you want to go for something known and established that will be around for a while. It’s also easy to navigate and simple to design your fund page.

6. Honeyfund

Honeyfund exists entirely for raising money. It’s actually sort of like a Gofundme or other crowdsourcing site, but for weddings and honeymoons.

7. Wanderable

Wanderable lets you create a personal site, with images and sharing your own story, and includes easy to use and transparent payment options. Wanderable also allows you to receive your gifts as you wish, so they could be gift cards, direct deposits, or even a check. There’s even an app you can add to your phone.

8. The Knot Cash Fund

This is easy and streamlined and lets you ask for cash from your guests. It’s not necessary to specify what element of your honeymoon each gift is going towards, and it appears right beside your registry with The Knot, so it’s easy to direct people to one place.

9. SimpleRegistry

This site lets you register for literally anything. So while it can be products, it can also be experiences, be it spa treatments at your honeymoon hotel, a nice dinner, or that kayak journey you’ve always craved.

10. Dreamoway

Help your guests give cash gifts toward your wedding, honeymoon, or even a downpayment on a house or car. You can also choose a public versus private registry, and be funded by your community.

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