Who Is Jeff Elrod? New Details On The Artist Accused Of Groping Woman Outside Texas Art Gallery

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Who Is Jeff Elrod? New Details On The Artist Accused Of Groping Woman Outside Texas Art Gallery Facebook

He's a contemporary artist who could have had it all if he had learned to keep his hands (and mouth) to himself. Unfortunately, he was accused of groping a woman outside of a Texas gallery, and now, his name is being equated with nothing but shame.

He was once known, in the art world, for all the right reasons. Now, he’s known for all the wrong ones. And while it’s unclear if Jeff Elrod will be made to face criminal charges for his bad behavior, there’s a good chance that his name will forever be tarnished. And, arguably, rightfully so.


Here’s what we know about Jeff Elrod and his bad behavior.

Who is Jeff Elrod?

1. The night of the incident

According to the New York Daily News, who obtained a copy of the police report, the incident took place in the small town of Marfa, Texas. The report alleges that Elrod and a female friend went to dinner at a high-priced restaurant. After the meal, “they had a drink at the bar and were leaving through an alley when Elrod allegedly blurted out, “I have to kiss your breasts," the police report says. The woman, whose name is being withheld, told police Elrod stepped in front of her and “grabbed her breast.” “He then pulled her breast out of her bra and shirt and put his mouth on her breast,” the police report based on the victim’s allegations states,” said the outlet.


Celebrities used to flock to buy Jeff Elrod's paintings.

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2. Jeff Elrod claims the victim is trying to extort him

According to the Daily Mail, Jeff Elrod is claiming that the woman who levied the accusations against him is trying to extort him. He also is claiming that the woman deliberately waited months to file the charges against him because she wanted to file a civil suit against him, in order to get the most money she could out of him. “The Class C misdemeanor "offense" alleged is the Texas equivalent of a speeding ticket. We believe this is nothing short of an extortion attempt by the claimant,” said Jeff Elrod’s attorney in a statement.


Jeff Elrod claims the victim is an opportunistic gold-digger.

3. But the woman claims the opposite

According to Heavy.com, while Jeff Elrod’s attorney is trying to accuse his victim of being an opportunistic gold digger, the victim is claiming that she waited to file the police report because she feared retaliation. She also made it clear that she signed away all her rights to pursue Jeff Elrod in civil court, thus eliminating the financial angle to her case. “I’ve signed a legal statement relinquishing my rights to pursue civil action following the trial and that financial gain is of no interest to me in this matter,” she said, per the outlet.


Jeff Elrod's victim feared retaliation because she knows how popular he is, as an artist.

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4. Texas law may be on Jeff Elrod’s side

As has been indicated, Jeff Elrod is only being charged with a misdemeanor that’s the equivalent of a speeding ticket. If found guilty, the maximum penalty is a $500 fine. While that may seem outrageous, Texas law may actually be on Elrod’s side with regard to this matter — and that’s assuming he even gets charged at all. There’s a new measure being proposed that would limit the number of arrests for Class C misdemeanors, according to the Texas Tribune, and the measure is gaining growing support in the increasingly conservative state. “Behind closed doors, a joint Senate and House committee killed a measure that would require police officers to explain why they arrest someone for fine-only offenses, otherwise the case would be dismissed,” writes the outlet.


It should be interesting to see what, ultimately, happens to Jeff Elrod, but rest assured that we will be watching this case closely.

It should be interesting to see if the art world shuns Jeff Elrod for his behavior.


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