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Who Is Chris Milton? New Details On Sasha Obama's Prom Date And How They Met

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Who Is Chris Milton? New Details On Sasha Obama's Prom Date And How They Met

What can be scarier than asking the former president's daughter to prom?! Absolutely nothing. Chris Milton is a handsome young man who decided to face his fears and make his prom night a dream come true. The young duo is has captured America's heart as they watch the young Sasha on one of the most memorable nights of her life. Who is Chris Milton?

1. The Mystery Guy

Chris was born in Middleton, Ohio. He lives in the Washington D.C. area where he attends Sidwell Friends in Bethesda, Maryland with Sasha. He is close to his family. His parents are celebrating 21 years of marriage this year. Chris is the middle child with an older brother Travis and a younger brother Tye.


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2. Sasha and Chris

The most important and unanswered question is — are Sasha and Chris official? Up until they attended prom together, news about the two was nonexistent. For now, it seems that the couple are really good friends. The prom photos do have the pair looking extremely cozy and many fans are waiting for the reveal of what's to come between them.


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3. He is winning over the Obamas

Chris had the confidence to ask the former president's daughter to prom and is reaping the benefits of that as he is seen smiling in photos the night of the prom with Sasha and the Obamas. Although Barak is nowhere to be seen in the photos with Chris, he expressed his trust in his daughters and speaks highly about Michelle Obama and how she has set a great example for their daughters. 


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4. Social Media Fans Speak Out

People all over are reacting to Sasha Obama, who has grown up in the public eye, attending prom and they are losing it. There are a number of memes making the rounds online about Chris asking Sasha to prom, Barack Obama's reaction to him, and the president'ss daughter having the secret service follow her around. Overall the support for Chris and Sasha have been through the roof!


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