5 New Moon In Gemini Rituals To Do On June 3rd, According To Astrology

A coin doesn't have a bad side.

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In astrology, the Gemini new moon occurs on June 3rd. It's an empty moon with mercurial potential and the ability to nurture ideas and friendships over the next six months. That's why this time around we will focus our new moon rituals on learning to accept people just the way they are.

Because that's exactly what true Gemini energy is all about: seeing both sides of the story and realizing that the whole truth is starkly different from what each side believes it to be. It's about embracing the differences in people and meeting them where they are. It's about making friends with your enemy because you see something admirable in them.


And this energy is very useful for our zodiac signs when it comes to building a romance. After all, no two people are completely alike. So it pays to learn how to work with your differences and not let them destroy your relationship.

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Here are 5 new moon in Gemini rituals.

1. Spread kindness.

You don't always need bells and whistles to do a ritual. Sometimes all you need to do is repeat a certain action over and over again to make it a ritual. And that's what we are going to do today.

For the rest of the day, whenever you talk to someone for longer than a few minutes, close the conversation by saying something nice to them. You can compliment their clothes, communication skills, empathetic nature, or whatever they were telling you about. Just make sure your compliment is specific and honest.

If you can't think of anything nice to say at the moment, like when you are interacting with someone you don't get along with, think of something later and say it aloud to yourself. This will reduce the negative feelings you have towards that person.


The point is, be kind and spread joy. Because when you give someone a genuine compliment, it lights them up, which they reflect right back at you.

2. Pick up a blue lace agate touchstone.

Blue lace agate is a crystal that brings mental clarity and improves your communication. That makes it perfect for Gemini season since the mercurial energy of Gemini can sometimes feel like all talk and no action.

Pick up a touchstone from the nearest spiritual shop (or online) and cleanse it under cold running water for three to five minutes. Then carry it around in your purse for the rest of the week to remain attuned to the energy of the agate.

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3. Attend an intellectual discussion.

Gemini is a pure air sign. And air rules the domain of the intellect. So why not attend a discussion and open your mind to new perspectives and information? Just remember: it's important to engage critically and not passively accept everything you hear.

4. Set a new moon intention.

Shouldn't this ritual be at the top of the list? Maybe, but Gemini energy is already good at setting intentions. It's the follow-through that it doesn't quite manage to excel at.

To do this, you will need a black and a white candle, incense sticks, a journal, a pen, and some alone time. Start by taking a bath and then clearing the energy of your surroundings with incense sticks. Keep some windows open so the negative energy can flow out of the space. And don't forget to smudge the corners.

Then sit down comfortably in a cross-legged position without your shoes on and light up the black and white candle side by side. Wait until the flame becomes bright and then start writing your intentions for the next six months in your journal. Restrict yourself to just three.


Brainstorm ideas and flesh out how you are going to bring these intentions to life over the next six months. Do this until you run out of steam. Once done, blow out the candles, put your palms together in namaste, and say, "Dear universe, please bring people and circumstances into my life that will help me fulfill my intentions."

(Please note: You should do this ritual only after it's officially a new moon, which occurs at 6:02 AM EDT.)

5. Get a manicure.

Gemini rules the hands and fingers, so why not get a cool manicure done on this new moon day? You may even want to try an adventurous shade of nail polish afterwards.


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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter.