Who Is Piotr Bobak? New Details On Clarisa Figeuroa's Boyfriend And His Role In Cutting Baby Out Of Pregnant Teen

He committed a gruesome crime.

Who Is Piotr Bobak? New Details On Clarisa FIgeuroa's Boyfriend And His Role In Cutting Baby Out Of Pregnant Teen Facebook

His girlfriend faked a pregnancy before murdering pregnant teen Clarisa Figueroa in cold blood. But he may have had something to do with the murder, too. Who is Piotr Bobak?

Some women will do anything for a baby — and some even go to extremes. Clarisa Figueroa was one such woman who would be willing to, literally, kill someone else to get a baby, as she currently stands accused of killing Marlen Ochoa and cutting her baby out of her stomach.


But what role does her longtime boyfriend, Piotr Bobak, play in all of this? Let’s look at what we know.

1. He’s been charged with concealment of a homicide

According to the local Chicago CBS-TV station, 40-year-old Piotr Bobak was dating 46-year-old Clarisa Figueroa for a long time. Allegedly, when he found out that Clarisa committed murder, he concealed the crime so he could help Clarisa avoid punishment and jail time. It’s not clear when Clarisa, allegedly, told Piotr of the crime she’d committed.


The murder of Marlen Ochoa quickly became a Twitter trending topic when it happened.

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2. Clarisa couldn’t have been pregnant, because she’d gotten her tubes tied

According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the biggest flaws in Clarisa’s claim of being pregnant is the fact that she’d gotten her tubes tied several years prior to hooking up with Piotr. She hadn’t, however, told Piotr about her inability to have children. “Then 45, she announced she was pregnant — a surprise to her family who knew she had her fallopian tubes tied. Over the next several months, she posted photos on Facebook of an ultrasound and a decorated nursery, complete with a crib. She said she would name the baby Xander after a 20-year-old son who died last year,” reports the outlet.

It didn't take long for Piotr Bobak to be named as part of the Marlen Ochoa murder plot.


3. Clarisa’s daughter had a role in the homicide, too

According to the NBC Nightly News, Clarisa Figueroa thought that she would be able to raise Marlen Ochoa’s baby as her own. While Clarisa’s situation is, no doubt, sad, there’s no excuse for killing another person and cutting their baby out of their stomach to fulfill a ‘dream.’ Worst of all, according to NBC Nightly News, Clarisa’s daughter Desiree, 24, was also charged with a role in the murder. And the worst part of all is, Desiree is four months pregnant with Clarisa’s first grandchild.

Clarissa Figueroa found Marlen Ochoa through a Facebook group.


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4. Was Piotr Bobak little more than an unwilling participant?

According to Heavy, Piotr may be charged with concealing the murder, but there’s some question as to whether he was an active participant in the murder. On his Facebook page, for example, he shared what looked like an ultrasound photo of his “baby” with Clarisa Figueroa. For a long time, he really believed that he and Clarisa were having a baby together. But a quick internet search revealed that Clarisa gave him an easily-obtainable “fake” ultrasound photo to make him believe that she was pregnant. And the worst part of this entire story: the baby that Clarisa cut out of Marlen’s body — in the hopes of making him her own — is on life support at the hospital, and has been pronounced brain dead.

All of this, really, was for nothing — nothing but heartache and tears, a woman and her pregnant daughter facing severe penalties, a teenager that didn’t have to die, and a baby who isn’t long for this world. This story, and all its players — Marlen Ochoa, Clarisa Figueroa, Desiree Figueroa, and Pietr Bobak — is a tragedy.

In this picture, Clarissa Figueroa is seen passing Marlen's baby off as hers — and petitioning for financial help on a GoFundMe page. 


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