Who Is David Langdon? New Details On The Conservative Evangelical And Why He's Attacking Elizabeth Warren

He runs a "dark money" group.

Who Is David Langdon? New Details On The Conservative Evangelical And Why He's Attacking Elizabeth Warren Instagram

The 2020 Presidential race is getting heated, and now, "dark money" groups are starting to enter the fray in order to swing the election. In the midst of all this quagmire, who is David Langdon?

As 2016 taught us, there’s really no limits to how high — or low — presidential candidates will go in order to win an election. And the same is true in the current race for President. As the Democratic contenders grow in numbers, ultra-conservative groups are beginning to enter the fray to try to “take them out.” By thinning the proverbial herd, ultra-conservative groups are hoping that Donald Trump has less credible competition, thus ensuring his win. And that’s where David Langdon comes in. While his name has long been known in the ultra-conservative sub-culture, he’s starting to become well-known nationwide for being part of a particularly noxious set of ads against Democratic contender Elizabeth Warren.


Here’s what we know about David Langdon.

1. He’s the owner of The Coalition to Restore American Values

According to Ohio state records, The Coalition to Restore American Values is a 501c4 registered non-profit organization. But according to SourceWatch, the sole thing that The Coalition to Restore American Values has done is to donate more than $400,000 in advertisements to support Scott Walker. The SourceWatch report also says that nearly all the company’s funding comes from the Center to Protect Patient Rights, a Koch Brothers-funded “think tank” headed up by Sean Noble.


In a nutshell, all of this means that he’s in charge of disbursing money to various advertising campaigns that push ultra-conservative values.

The Coalition to Restore American Values is a conservative think tank that is looking to subvert people like Elizabeth Warren.


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2. David Langdon is a lawyer considered “the man behind the right’s dark money machine”

Politico reports that Langdon has funneled more than $22 million to elections and ballot measures across the country. In addition to The Coalition to Restore American Values, more than 11 other conservative think tanks are connected, in some way, to David Langdon. Furthermore, according to Politico, David Langdon is a lawyer by trade, but he stays very far behind the scenes. “Langdon is a critical behind-the-scenes player among the small army of lawyers working to keep secret the origins of millions of dollars coursing through the American political system. Thanks to his work, this unremarkable suburb is a home base for nonprofits and super PACs that pour millions of dollars into elections,” says the outlet.

David Langdon is lauded in conservative circles for his connection to dark money.


3. He feels that progressivism is the greatest threat to America today

According to the official website for the American Principles Project — another conservative think tank which David Langdon heads up — he considers progressivism the biggest threat to America today. “The greatest threat that this sector of society currently faces is an aggressive assault from the intolerant progressive sexual and gender ideology. In the face of this ideological push to eliminate fundamental differences between men and women, we emphasize the vibrant diversity that freedom of conscience protects within society,” says the official website.

David Langdon has said that the greatest threat to America is "progressivism."


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4. He’s been at this for a minute

According to the Christian Coalition of Ohio, David Langdon has been actively involved in politics since the 1990s — and always pushing conservative Christian values. Langdon prides himself on working with organizations that deny gay and lesbian couples the right to share custody of their children. He’s also worked to defend abortion clinic protestors that have gotten violent against doctors and those looking to procure an abortion and had a prominent role in creating a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in Ohio. While David Langdon is certainly a rather noxious type, it’s pretty evident that, given the current political climate in the United States, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Through one of his organizations, David Langdon has attacked Elizabeth Warren using "dark money."


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