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Who Is Shian Mengini? New Details About 18-Year-Old Wife Of Cop Who Lied About Being Sexually Assaulted Because She Was Bored

Photo: Delaware County District Attorney's Office
Who Is Shian Mengini? New Details About 18-Year-Old Wife Of Cop Who Lied About Being Sexually Assaulted Because She Was Bored

Pennsylvania native Shain Mengini created false allegations to the Upland Police Department stating that she was sexually assaulted by a woman she met online. To make matters worse, she was upset with her husband of three months and took her anger out by reporting an inaccurate story to the Police Department where he worked. Who is Shian Mengini?

1. Sexual Assult Allegations Were A Hoax

Shian Mengini had an affair with a woman she met online and invited her back to her place but on April 20th. Afterward she filed a false police report stating that she was sexually assaulted to the Upland Police Department. She went on to tell the officer that the woman began kissing her without her consent, after which she went into her bathroom to hide. The woman was able to pry the door open and began touching her sexually even though she told her that she was married. She ran straight to the police department where she was transferred to Crozer Chester Medical Center to be evaluated, then detectives were able to begin their investigation.

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2. Outraged, Shian Seeks Revenge Against Husband

Shian's motive for fabricating this story was because she was angry at her husband, bored and didn't have any friends in the area. Shian and Stephen Mengini were married for three months before she committed this crime. "District Attorney Katayoun M. Copeland said in the news release: “The fact that Shian Mengini fabricated this serious allegation because she was angry with her husband and bored is both criminal and inexcusable.”

3. Second Degree Misdemeanor Charge

Mengini was charged with a second degree misdemeanor of making a false police report after confessing that she lied about being assaulted by a woman. She confessed that she also didn't receive any threats from the woman's husband and used various phone numbers to send the threatening messages to herself. Shain was released on a $15,000 bail. A preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Thomas J. Lacey is scheduled for May 16.

4. Stephen Mengini Resigned From Upland Police Department

On April 25th, 28-year-old Officer Stephen Mengini resigned from his part time position a a police officer the same day he spoke with the detectives regarding his wife's allegations. According to Irey and the District Attorney’s office he was a decent and also an effective officer. His resignation came as a surprise to everyone. He had history working in the criminal justice department before becoming a part of the Upland team. He previously worked as a Lincoln University campus officer, with the Philadelphia Sheriff’s office, as well as a county police dispatcher.

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