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4 Full Moon In Scorpio Rituals To Do On May 18th To Release Toxic Emotions

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 Full Moon In Scorpio Rituals To Do This May 18th To Release Toxic Emotions

Scorpio is an intense zodiac sign in astrology, so any full moon that falls under its light will have the same combustive energy to it. Suffice to say, May 18th is not going to be an easy moonlit night for people.

Even if you don't do any full moon rituals, this full moon in Scorpio is one that will greatly impact your relationships and love horoscope. To get the most out of this Scorpio full moon, you can do these rituals to release toxic emotions from your love life. After all, Scorpio energy never does anything by halves.

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1. Perform the pain releasing ritual.

You will need a bunch of sage incense sticks, clear quartz, a bowl, journal, pen, and a glass of drinking water. You will need to take a bath before this ritual.

Start by burning the incense sticks and waving the smoke around your body. While doing so, say, "I banish all negativity from my aura and space." Then do the same for your room or house. Just make sure to keep the windows open so the negative energy has a path to flow out.

Once done, sit cross-legged in a comfortable place with all your ritual paraphernalia before you. Open your journal and write this prompt on top of the sheet: "Here are my deepest wounds." Then, set a timer for 15 minutes and start writing. Don't think. Just let the pen glide across the sheet, jotting down whatever comes to your mind. No judgment.

When the timer rings, put the journal aside and drink the water halfway. Sit quietly for a minute or two after that and allow the heightened emotions to roll off of you. Then pick up the clear quartz and meditate for 10 minutes, focusing on your wounds.

Once done, place the crystal in the bowl and pour the rest of the water on it. It's symbolic of washing away your wounds. You can reread your journal and mark whatever stands out to you. Those are direct messages from your subconscious.

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2. Block and unfriend.

The energy of Scorpio is all about release and transformation. And on May 18th, you can tap into that energy by blocking and unfriending all the losers you dated in the past, including those frenemies who backstabbed you.

Celebrate the moment with a bunch of friends after that. Because every victory counts.

3. Buy an erotic novel.

Seriously, please do! Even if it's just a cheap Mills & Boon copy or Fifty Shades of Grey. Because a Scorpio full moon begs some imaginative play in the arena of physical intimacy.

Feel free to do more than just read. This night is not about curbing your appetite, it's about embracing it, no holds barred.

4. Pick up a black obsidian bracelet or pendant.

Black obsidian is a powerful stone. It offers psychic protection and makes it easier to hear your intuition. So if you are into crystal healing, the full moon in Scorpio is a great day to pick up a black obsidian pendant or bracelet.

You can clear and charge it by setting up a bunch of candles and placing the crystal near the heat. Just make sure it's not directly in the flame, only close to the heat. Leave it overnight and start using it to receive clearer messages from your subconscious.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.