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Who Killed Shondricka Adams? New Details In The Unsolved Murder Of Georgia Teen

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Who Killed Shondricka Adams? New Details In The Unsolved Murder Of Georgia Teen

Macon, Georgia is experiencing a wave of teen crime that is tearing families apart. One of those cases, which sadly remains unsolved, is the murder of 18-year-old Shondricka Adams. Police founder her shot to death and lying in a pool of her own blood last May. She had celebrated her 18th birthday with family and friends just two days before. Earlier in the evening she had been at the hospital with her sister who was having a baby. Her family is looking for answers in their loved one's murder. Who killed Shondricka Adams?

1. Her mom had a feeling

Her mother had a feeling something was up. She started calling her daughter's phone. Someone answered and told her that Shondricka has been shot. Her mother said it couldn't be her daughter because she was supposed to be at the hospital. The last time her mother, Shiquita Lester saw her daughter, she was at the hospital with her older sister, who was giving birth to a baby boy. Lester said: "She said she was going to call me that morning if she had the baby during the night, she was going to call me. Something just told me to get up and call, I just started calling."


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2. Timeline of events

Sgt. Joseph Vamper with the Bibb County Sheriff's Office said that Adams left the hospital with a 16-year-old boy and two of their friends. They parked in the Davis Homes housing project. Adams and the 16-year-old started talking in the backseat of the car. The other two teens got out of the car to go inside the house. Nine gunshots rang out. This was around the same time that Shiquita Lester started calling her daughter. Police arrived on the scene around 6am and found the car surrounded by blood and glass. Shondricka was laying on her back in front of the house. The police started chest compressions, but she later died. 

3. The possible motive

Investigators are still looking for leads in Shondricka Adams' murder. However, they believe that whomever the shooter was, they may have been looking for the man inside the house Shondricka and her friends were parked outside of. It may have been an attempted robbery gone wrong. Shondrika's friends are cooperating with police in the investigation. 


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4. Her family's theory

Shondricka was a student at Central Georgia Technical College. Her family always impressed upon her the need to be careful and safe. Her stepfather Garrard Hayward had recently had a talk with her about how dangerous it was to be out at night. He told her about a woman who had been killed near Mercer University. He wanted her to be careful.  When she was found, she was with the 16-year-old boy. He had been shot in the leg. The two had been in the backseat of a Jeep Wrangler. Her mother said that her daughter was a good girl who went to school and went home and to sleep. Her parents believe the boy she was with was the target of the killers. Her family doesn't know who the boy was, though they found out the two had been texting that night.

There has been little to no media coverage of Shondricka's murder, which is shameful.

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