Who Plays Foster In 'The Last Summer' On Netflix? New Details On Wolfgang Novogratz

He's poised to be a breakout star.

Who Plays Foster In 'The Last Summer' On Netflix? New Details On Wolfgang Novogratz Instagram

Wolfgang Novogratz plays Foster on Netflix's The Last Summer. He's the douchebag with a heart of gold. Like any red blooded 18-year-old boy, he just wants some action. So he creates a ranking of women he'd like to get with in this last summer before he heads off to college. Unfortunately for him, that list goes viral and he's shut down time and time and time again. At it turns out, however, Foster isn't quite the player he seems, which is hard to believe given how stinkin' handsome the actor playing him is. Who plays Foster in Netflix's The Last Summer and where else can we see him?


1. His character's origins

If Foster seemed like a familiar character to you, there's a good reason for that. He's partially based on the Steve Stifler character from the American Pie movies. Of his character, Wolfgang told MEA Worldwide: "A prototypical douchebag, for a lack of a better term." He also said that Foster reminded him of guys he knew who are desperate to get attention from women. A peek into Foster's backstory gives us a better understanding of his character. Foster used to be overweight and insecure. He lost weight and tried to reinvent himself for the summer.



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2. Where do we know him from?

If you think Wolfgang looks familiar there's a good reason. He played Drew in Netflix's Sierra Burgess Is A Loser. He's also been on TV, alongside his parents and six siblings for pretty much his whole life. Wolfgang Novogratz is the oldest of seven kids ranging in age from 10 to 21. He was born in 1997 and attended the prestigious Harvard Westlake School in Los Angeles. His parents, Robert and Courtney Novogratz are designers best known for the television shows 9 By Design and Home by Novogratz on Bravo and HGTV, respectively.



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3. What's next?

Wolfgang will next be seen in the lesbian comedy, The Half of It from director Alice Wu. The film just began filming for Netflix. In the film, the main character Ellie Chu, is smart, lonely Chinese-American high school student and lesbian who is hired by the school jock to write love letters to woo Aster Flores, who they both secretly love. Wolfgang plays Trig in the movie. He is also slated to play Patch, one of the main characters in the film Hush Hush,  which is based on the New York Times best selling YA novel. This film is currently in pre-production.

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4. He isn't the only one in his family in show business

Wolfgang may be the oldest of his family's seven kids, but he isn't the only one in the entertainment business. His sister Bellamy is a model, Bellamy's twin sister, Tallulah, is a writer and actress and their brother Breaker is a musician.

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