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How Did Emily Law Die? New Details On The Texas Mom And Triathlete That Was Murdered By Abusive Ex She Had Restraining Order Against

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How Did Emily Law Die? New Details On The Texas Mom And Triathlete That Was Murdered By Abusive Ex She Had Restraining Order Against

Emily Susan Law, 49, would be celebrating the completion of her first Ironman race this weekend, had she not been killed by her ex-boyfriend James Freeman. Like so many other instances of domestic violence, it started with a relationship turned toxic. The couple had actually broken up, but continued to live together in their two bedroom apartment for some time after while Susan trained for the competition of a lifetime. Her dream was to become an Ironman. Who is Emily Law?

1. Freeman had a history of violence

Freeman had shown several indications that he intended to commit violence against Law. In fact, he had committed violence before. He cornered Law and choked her violently until the point that she thought she would pass out just five days prior. 

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2. Law was able to capture evidence of his violence

Law was able to get away for some time, but returned to the scene only a few short hours later because the two lived together as roommates after their recent breakup. However, Susan made a step in the right direction when she began collecting audio recordings of the abuse. She actually was able to catch his intent on one recording, where he stated, “I’ll break your [expletive] neck!” when he attacked her a second time, shoving her into a chair. 

3. Freeman was actually arrested at that time

Freeman was then arrested on a family violence charge although he was unfortunately released shortly after when he posted a $10,000 bond. Law's son, Kae, discussed wishing there was another system in place for domestic violence perpetrators that required them to stay incarcerated for a sort of 'cool down period.' 

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4. A Protective order that wasn't enough

Law had obtained a protective order, but when Freeman was released, the paper didn’t protect her. Last Monday, Freeman took her life. He took his time in damaging personal belongings she cared about, even a stuffed animal she treasured before killing the woman. Freeman himself was killed when he turned his gun on the police.

5. The official cause of death still has not been released

Although all evidence points to Freeman, as he threatened police, portrayed signs of violence, had a criminal history and had previously assaulted Law, the official cause of Emily Susan's death has not yet been released. The investigation is still registered as 'open.'

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6. The name of Susan Law will live on in honor

The heartbreaking story of Emily Susan Law will come to a bittersweet resolution next year when her son will compete in the Ironman in her place, wearing her bib underneath his own. This touching show of affection and dedication will hopefully bring peace to both mother and son alike. “She may not have gotten to cross the finish line hearing, ‘Susan, you are an Ironman,’ but she is my Ironman.” This incredible sentiment isn't the only thing that marks Emily Susan Law as an Ironman, as Kae made another incredibly sweet gesture, emblazoning the title on the casket she was buried in.

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