How Did Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Die? New Details On Death Of The 'Boyz In The Hood' Star At 76

The legendary Boyz n the Hood actor has passed away.

How Did Jessie Lawrence Ferguson Die? New Details On The Death Of The Boyz In The Hood Star At 76 Instagram

Jessie Lawerence Fergson is known for this legendary scene. Take a look and see how impactful it is."Do you think you're tough? I could blow your head off right now. That's why I took this job." His legacy will forever be in meme culture. How did Jesse Lawrence Ferguson die?

1. His Origins

Jessie Ferguson was born in the Bronx on June 8, 1941, he moved to Chicago around the 1950s.



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2. His first role

His acting career started with the television series Starsky and Hutch. A buddy cop show that is similar to movies like The Other Guys. He went on to appear in Star Trek: The Next Generation, John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness, and the one he’s most known for, Boyz n the Hood, he played a cop in that movie. The movie is about a group of friends living in a gang ridden area of South Los Angeles.



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3. A coincidence?

John Singleton directed  Boyz in the Hood. He was a 23-year-old recent USC film school graduate at the time. The 51-year-old Singleton had a stroke a week before Jessie died. Singleton passed away as a result of President Obama released a statement saying that John was a charming man who brought black actors into more leading roles in movies. Ice Cube released a statement saying: “Thank you John for being my friend, brother and mentor for 30 years. For believing in me when I was unsure of myself. Your passion for telling our stories from our point of view was more than an obsession, it was your mission in life. Your love for the black experience was contagious and I would never be the man I am without knowing you. On April 29, 1992 you were on TV warning the world what was to come. I'm sad today, cause on this April 29th who will warn the world what's to come. I love you and miss you already brother."



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4.The end of his career

He hasn’t had any acting roles since the early 1990s. The last role listed on the page is a 1995 short film called The Chosen One in which he plays The Magus.



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5. Internet famous

His iconic scene in Boyz n the Hood became popular Jessie’s became known as “the dirty cop” and the scene has often been shared on social media and beyond in the form of memes.


6. His death

When his son found him he was shocked, Jesse seemed healthy and good in the days before his death. It just goes to show that life can take away things at a moments notice and there's nothing you can do about it. We do not know the cause of death but police stated that it seemed like natural causes. Jace (Jessie’s son) says, "He was a strong, beautifu,l intelligent black man and he wanted the best for his son and all people." He died at his home in Palmdale, Californa. Jessie was 76 when he died. May he rest in peace.


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