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The Surprisingly Effective Way To Deepen Intimacy In Marriage You’ve Probably Never Thought Of Before

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How To Use CBD Oil Benefits To Improve Communication Skills & Intimacy In Relationships & Marriage

Need some marriage advice for learning how to improve communication skills with your spouse?

We’ve got you.

Communication in relationships, especially in a way that fosters intimacy, can be tough.

If you have kids, this can seem like mission impossible.

Let’s face it, children can put a damper on your relationship, especially if you’re an overwhelmed mom.

I mean, nothing turns you on quite like dirty diapers and baby puke right?

Learning how to communicate effectively with your spouse after having kids takes time.

There’s a lot of stress, anxiety, and worry that comes with parenting, and this often steals intimacy from your marriage.

However, there’s one little secret for better communication and intimacy in marriage that not many people are talking about.

CBD oil!

What is CBD oil? And, what are CBD oil benefits?  

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It’s an oil extracted from the cannabis plant, but unlike THC (the stuff that gets you high) CBD has no psychoactive effects.

So don’t worry moms, you can take CBD oil and still get the kids to school on time, no problem.

The benefits of CBD oil for your relationship? Well, there have been studies showing the reduction of anxiety and CBD. 

And, with less of those negative emotions, there’s more room for the positive feelings that are needed to communicate and have intimacy in your marriage.

Here are 4 ways that overwhelmed moms can use CBD oil to improve communication and intimacy with their spouse to save the marriage after having kids.  

1. Carve out thirty minutes for a CBD coffee date together

A CBD coffee date at home is a great way to calm the anxiety of motherhood.

Carve out 30 minutes to meet your husband in the kitchen and relax over a hot mug.

Whether you take 30 minutes a week, or a day, this is a great time to catch up with your spouse and communicate without the kids running around.

Making some instant CBD coffee is quick and easy so you can unwind while getting the boost of caffeine you need to be good listeners.

Checking in with each other’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions over a cup of coffee can make a huge difference in your relationship.

 And, the calming effects of CBD can help you forget how busy you are so you can focus on one another and practice being a great listener.

2. Give one another a relaxing massage with CBD pain cream before bed

Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage? It calms the mind, loosens the muscles, and gets the blood flowing.

Plus, offering a massage to your partner is a great way to connect.

You’ll be able to communicate through physical touch while increasing intimacy on an emotional level.

Adding some CBD pain cream to the rub down has even more benefits.

As a busy mom, it’s likely that you’re suffering from some kind of pain.

Whether you’re on your feet all day in the kitchen, or constantly bending over to clean up those toys, you probably have a few aches and pains.

CBD pain cream helps to fight inflammation and soothe those muscles for you.

The less pain you feel, the better you can function both emotionally and mentally.

Without the pain, you may be able to focus more on communicating with your partner.

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3. Take some CBD into the bedroom

An easy way to spice things up in the bedroom is to take a few drops of CBD.

Since it works so well to help reduce anxiety and stress, it can help you get in the mood.

Finding the time for sex as parents is hard enough, but moms often have trouble getting in the mood at all.

Between household duties, tending to the kids, and working, it can be tough to find the time or desire for intimacy.

Adding CBD into your daily routine can help calm your system down and ease your mind.

Once you feel calm, making time for sex with your husband may seem way more appealing.

To take your intimacy up a notch, try the massage with CBD pain cream right before hopping in bed.

4. Make a relaxing date night a priority

Making time for intimacy needs to be a priority for married couples with kids.

Between household duties, careers, and children, there will never be enough time for romance.

You’ll need to make the time if you want to improve communication and deepen intimacy.

As you brainstorm cute date ideas, make sure to add some CBD oil into your plans.

Make it fun by adding some CBD gummies to your date.

You can take them to the movies, on a picnic in the park, or pack them in your bag to snack on wherever you end up.

As busy parents, you may find it difficult to relax, even while you’re on a date. You may be worried about the kids, missing them, or find that you’re unable to relax.

CBD oil gummies can help you unwind, calm your anxiety, and reduce stress so you can actually enjoy that intimate date you’ve planned.

Learning to have better communication skills with your spouse is possible, especially if you can relax, reduce anxiety, and get a handle on your stress.

Being a mom is a tough job, and it often causes you to lose intimacy in your marriage or relationship.

However, with the benefits of CBD oil, you can learn to calm your mind and your body, which can make you much more open to intimacy and communication with your spouse.

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