Who Is Matt Fiddes? New Details On The Bodyguard — And His Vow To Tell The Truth About Michael Jackson

Defending Michael's honor.

Who Is Matt Fiddes? New Details On The Bodyguard And His Vow To Tell The Truth About Michael Jackson Instagram

Who is Matt Fiddes? Born in May 1979, Fiddes is a 39-year-old fitness trainer and martial artist. He is also the owner of a property portfolio, Fiddes Rooms which supplies accommodation for those in the area he grew up in, North Devon in England. As a child, Fiddes was bullied in school which led him to become involved in martial arts to protect himself. He would eventually go on to start the NOBULL campaign in 2007 “aimed at educating children from a young age that bullying and racism have detrimental effects on the lives of themselves and the people around them.” 


According to his official website, at the age of 17 he opened his first martial arts school in Barnstaple, Devon. In 2007, he was named a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo at his British Championships. The same year he also won instructor of the year from Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine. Here’s everything you need to know about Matt Fiddes and how he is finally speaking out about singer Michael Jackson and his personal life.

Ex bodyguard Matt Fiddes speaks about Michael Jackson. 


1. He is a father

Matt Fiddes married Marcia Louise Loscombe in 2010. The pair had  three kids before divorcing: Madison, Lola and Savannah. In 2012, Fiddes married his current wife, South African singer, Monique Fiddes. They have one child together, Zach Fiddes. Fiddes claimed that he could be Blanket’s real father. Fiddes was reported to have donated sperm to Jackson in 2001 which would make it possible for Blanket to be his son. "Michael took my sperm and the child is the spitting image of me," Fiddes said. "He told me he wanted an athletic child and that is what he has. I don't want Blanket thinking I am telling everyone he is definitely my son because I'm not sure.”



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Fiddes looks forward to spending quality time with his family. 


2. He is a trainer and martial artist

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts was founded in 1996 and has since become one of the biggest and most recognized chains of Martial Arts Schools. According to his website, Fiddes has become one of the most respected Fitness and Martial Arts Experts in the world. He has over 700 schools in the UK and worldwide. He is an award-winning celebrity trainer who has received high honors for his achievements and classes. In addition to his Martial Arts classes, Fiddes also teaches dance, pilates, kickboxing and performing arts. He has been inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame and presented with the prestigious ‘Martial Arts Superstar Award’.



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3. He has worked for various celebrities

Fiddes has worked with multiple celebrities including Dani Harmer, Peter Andre, Tito Jackson and Jessica Wright, just to name a few. However he is most known for being a bodyguard for singer Michael Jackson. Fiddes began serving as a bodyguard for Jackson in 1999 and continued to do so for 10 years until the singer’s death in 2009 as a result of an overdose. He explained that bodyguards played a huge role in Jackson’s life. "This man has been surrounded by bodyguards since a young child,” he said. If anyone wanted to get to him they would come through us.”



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Fiddes and Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson after a morning workout. 


4. The release of the Neverland documentary caused controversy

The release of the documentary Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson & Me caused a lot of controversy after it made a string of allegations against the King of Pop. Michael Jackson was accused of sexually assaulting the young boys he befriended. According to The Mirror, two of the boys, James Safechuck and Wade Robson face allegations of lying after telling their stories in the documentary. According to Fiddes, Michael Jackson’s decision to keep his life private backfired. As a friend and bodyguard of Jackson he believes it is his duty to defend his name. “But it all has gone a bit wrong as he is not here to defend himself,” Fiddes said. “In life we protected you Mike and in death we are here [to] protect your legacy and family and especially our kids.”

Fiddes asks for the media to leave him alone about "Leaving Neverland."


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5. He recently vowed to tell the truth

After years of being silent, Fiddes has decided to reveal the truth concerning Michael Jackson’s private life. According to the Mirror, Fiddes said he's one of only a few people in the world who knows the truth about Michael Jackson. “It’s time now to defend a friend @michaeljackson who was always so great to my family and staff,” Fiddes said on Instagram. "I have sat back and watched the circus which we got used [to] over the years. People forget this man was and still is the most famous man in the world.” Fiddes said that he along with Bill Whitfield, another former bodyguard, will expose the truth about what really went on at Neverland. "I will reveal Michael's true private life... Maybe we will do it together. As a bodyguard we see the real truth,” he said. “We guard his life and private living areas. We know who comes in and out.” Fiddes has also revealed some other details about the late singer’s life last year including his alleged love for Princess Diana, his alleged paranoia about people trying to kill him and much more.

Documentary that caused ex-bodyguard to tell the truth.


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