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Who Is Melissa Rivers' Father? New Details About Edgar Rosenberg — And Why She's Finally Talking About His Suicide

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Who Is Melissa Rivers' Father? New Details About Edgar Rosenberg — And Why She's Finally Talking About His Suicide

When Joan Rivers passed away in 2014, the world was astonished and heartbroken. For almost 50 years, Rivers provided endless entertainment with her hilarious antics, especially on red carpets. She was also the author of 12 books, three comedy albums, and received a posthumous Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album. To say she was funny is a massive understatement.

And keeping Joan Rivers’ memory alive is her daughter, Melissa Rivers. Melissa would often appear alongside her mother on the red carpet, and the two starred together in the YouTube channel, In Bed With Joan


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She’s the only daughter of the late comedian, but her mother’s death wasn’t the first time she suffered a huge tragedy. In fact, her father’s passing early in her life left a huge impact.

Who is Melissa Rivers’ father?

Edgar Rosenberg married Joan Rivers in 1965. He was a British film and television producer, and got his start as an assistant to Emanuel Sacks, vice president at NBC.

He went on to work for a public relations firm, and became the co-founder of Telsun Foundation, a production company associated with the UN. He developed television films to promote the UN, and even worked on the sitcom Husbands, Wives & Lovers, created by his wife.

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For most of their marriage, he was the producer on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, but according to Rivers herself, their relationship was a “total sham.” Rivers said he treated her poorly during their marriage, and she admitted to having several affairs.

In 1987, Rosenberg committed suicide by overdosing on prescription pills, four days after Rivers asked him for a separation.

Rosenberg had clinical depression, which Rivers thought was triggered by taking medication after a heart attack. He left no money to his wife and daughter, having spent most of it himself.

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Though both of Melissa’s parents have passed away, she recently opened up about her father’s suicide and how it affected her. She discussed his passing with ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton in the podcast "Life After Suicide."

In a preview of the interview obtained by the Daily Mail, Rivers revealed, “I was angry at my mom. I was angry at my dad. I was angry at the UPS worker. I used to call it like this free-floating sort of anger.”

Rivers also noted that she felt ostracized in the wake of his passing, saying, “Oh my God, you feel like you have a big giant stamp on you. Nobody knows what to say, nobody knows how to address you, nobody knows what’s okay to bring up. You feel so alone.”

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, roughly 47,000 people committed suicide in 2017. And in a newsletter for Harvard Health Publishing, many family members and friends of those who committed suicide find it hard to seek help for their trauma and grief. The aftermath of a suicide can lead to trauma, stigma, shame, isolation, and the need for closure.

By opening up about her personal tragedy, the world can hopefully see the impact that suicide has on families.

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