Who Is Randy Smith? New Details On The Unsolved Murder Of A North Carolina Man Killed In A Drive-By Shooting

Randy Smith was killed in a drive-by shooting in March 2016.

Who Is Randy Smith? New Details On The Unsolved Murder Of A North Carolina Man Killed In A Drive-By Shooting Fox Carolina

On March 30, 2016, Randy Smith was shot dead as a result of a drive-by shooting. More than 3 years later, his murder remains unsolved. Who is Randy Smith?


Randy Smith’s murder seems to be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, according to Fox Carolina. Per their report, Smith was standing outside of a convenience store talking to a friend when shots rang out. In the melee, two bullets hit Smith and killed him instantly.

These are just a few of the many tragic details involved in this as-yet-unsolved murder of this beloved son, brother, father and friend.

Let’s look at what we know about the Randy Smith murder.

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1. The shooter was driving a specific car.

According to the same report from Fox Carolina, the man whom police believe is responsible for Randy Smith’s death was driving a white Chevy Cruze. They weren’t more specific about the year of the car, however. Police also believe that the shooter aimed at Smith from the passenger’s side of the car — not the driver’s side of the car.


"We know that someone out there knows something," Chief Jim Stewart said. "For two years, those with information about this case have stayed silent while the Smith family agonized.”

2. Police believe the shooting wasn’t intentional.

According to The Independent Mail, a press conference was recently held in front of the Kezo Quick Shop, which is where Smith was shot and killed on March 30, 2016.

At this press conference, Lt. Carla Roberson of the Anderson police department said that the shooting wasn’t intentional. What’s more, she said, the Chevrolet Cruze that was used in the shooting was stolen because police found it abandoned at a Greenville County hotel shortly after the incident took place.

Roberson said she chose to hold the press conference to “jog people’s memories” about the night of the murder, in the hope that someone would come forward with information.


"While the bullet doesn't have a name, this bullet wasn't intended for Randy Smith," Roberson said.

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3. Randy Smith’s family is devastated.

No matter if the shooting was an accident or intentional, the fact remains that Randy Smith’s family is absolutely devastated about his death.

According to the local CBS affiliate, WSPA-TV, the Smith family held a memorial in Randy’s honor just three days after his death.

His aunts, uncles, cousins, and four children were amongst the many people that were there to celebrate his life.

“I'm hurtin'. I'm dealing with it. I'm about to lose it," said Smith’s mother. "I just miss everything about my son because he was my baby, my sunshine, he just kept me going."


His family also recalled that Randy Smith was on life support for more than a week trying to recover from his injuries but ultimately, his family decided to terminate life support and donate his organs to needy patients.

Per the outlet, the family said that this was the “best way” they could think of honoring Randy Smith and his memory.

4. There is a cash reward for anyone who comes forward with information leading to an arrest.

All the news reports surrounding Randy Smith’s as-yet-unsolved murder are no accident. Police are reporting that they’re doing this in the hopes that people will come forward with information, and are encouraging those with any information to call Crime Stoppers to discuss the possibility of receiving a cash reward for information leading to an arrest.


Both Randy Smith’s family and the Anderson police department have all contributed to the reward purse.

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