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Who Is Alexander Kraus? New Details On The Teen Who Murdered His Own Grandparents

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Who Is Alexander Kraus? New Details On The Teen Who Murdered His Own Grandparents

A 17-year-old junior at Neenah High School in Neenah, Wisconsin is accused of killing his grandparents and plotting to "cause harm" at his school according to local authorities. Alexander Kraus was taken into custody on April 14th ater he was found in his grandparents home in Grand Chute, Wisconsin with their dead bodies. Kraus shot and killed his 74-year-old grandfather Dennis Kraus and his 73-year-old grandmother Letha Kraus. According to authorities, Kraus told the police that he had been planning to harm students at Neenah High School. The motive for killing his grandparents or plotting to harm his fellow students is not yet known. Kraus is being held in a local jail. Who is Alexander Kraus?

1. He called 911 and confessed

Police in Grand Chute report that Alexander Kraus called 911 and admitted he fatally shot his grandparents in their home Sunday morning. Police arrived at the home around 11:40am after receiving several 911 calls from Alexander Kraus. He told dispatchers that he "killed his grandparents and needs the police to come and arrest him." Kraus allegedly hung up on 911 dispatchers multiple times. When authorites arrived, Kraus was asked to come out with his hands up. Grand Chute police officer Travis Waas told The Daily Beast: “This was a terrible situation but he is being cooperative in this investigation.”

2. He had a typed-up plan

Alexander Kraus was charged with two counts of first-degree homicide in the deaths of his grandparents. He reportedly had several page long-typed document outlining his plan to shoot and kill his grandparents. According to the criminal complaint, the pages were found in a folder and did not include a motive. The complaint also mentioned that a book about an executioner was found in Kraus's backpack.

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3. He is an honor roll student

Alexander Kraus is a junor at Neenah High School. He lives in Neenah with his parents Charles and Shannon Kraus and has a brother and two sisters. He was an honor roll student during the first semester of the 2016-2017 academic year. 

4. He planned to shoot up his school

The police investigation turned up substantial information, including written documentation that Alexander Kraus planned to "cause harm" at his high school. No other details were released. Neenah High School was open Monday as police felt this was an isolated incident. 

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5. He had slept over at his grandparents' house

Reportedly, Alexander Krause spent the night at his grandparents' house before killing them. Police found a shotgun with a knife taped to the end of a barrel on a bed in the Kraus grandparents' house. The bodies of Dennis and Letha Kraus were found in their kitchen.

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