What It Means If You Have Brown Spots On Your Face — And 12 Products That Really Help

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What It Means If You Have Brown Spots On Your Face, And Products That Will Help getty

When we notice brown spots on our face, it's normal to become a bit concerned. But before you panic, brown spots on skin is rather common, and there's a lot we can do about it. 

The most common cause for brown spots on the face would is sun spots. According to cosmetic dermatologist and Mohs skin cancer surgeon Dr. Kenneth Mark, “The medical name is solar lentigo. Another common cause of brown spots on the face could be post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This is when a brown spot is left behind after a blemish, such as a pimple or any other rash. It would typically fall into a category of blotchy pigmentation. Alternatively, another common cause of larger patch-like brown spots on the face is hormonally driven and called malasmus or the pregnancy mask.”


Clearly, you want to know how to get rid of brown spots on your face and skin, in general. And luckily, there are plenty of products to help.

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But in the meantime, Dr. Mark advises a specific course of action: “Regardless of the cause, if you were trying to attack pigment, first and foremost you need to strictly avoid the sun in order to minimize any additional pigmentation. To do this, I recommend wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen containing zinc oxide. The best way to fade brown spots is with a combination prescription product of tretinoin, hydroquinone, and cortisone.”


Here are a few products to get you started.

1. Bluelene Night & Day Cream


The ultimate night cream to target your anti-aging skin concerns, this decadent cream is infused with clinical proven supercharged antioxidant, Methylene Blue, to soften wrinkles, reduce appearance of sunspots, smooth, hydrate, and stimulate collagen production. It's intended for all skin types.

(Bluelene, $39.95)

2. Rael Vitamin C Sheet Mask


Rael’s Vitamin C Sheet Mask is a radiance-enhancing face mask that visibly brightens and revitalizes uneven complexion. Infused with botanical ingredients including pomegranate, fig and mulberry extracts, this mask gets rid of brown spots by brightening any discoloration. The ingredients also aid in skin cell regeneration, which further aids in eliminating dark spots.

(Get Rael, $14.99)

3. Vitabrid C12 FACE Brightening Powder


Featuring a brand new form of Vitamin C, this mixable powder increases the sloughing process, revealing newer skin cells and correcting age spots for a clarified and youthful complexion. It also contains ingredients like Niacinamide, which helps brighten the appearance of discoloration.

(Barneys, $60)

4. Elina Organics Pigment Spot Treatment


Looking to fade pigment spots and freckles? Use this organic, handmade treatment at night after a scrub. Apply directly to brown spots or all over the face to reduce the appearance of unwanted pigment and reduce production of melanin.

(Elina Organics Skincare, $23)

5. Osmosis Skincare Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair Serum


This patented formula triggers the skin’s natural zinc repair process and increases DNA repair by up to 33 percent through the ingredient AC-11, an extract of cat’s claw. Its exclusive ingredient combination offers multiple benefits to the skin including protection from sun damage and accelerated healing of hyperpigmentation.

(Osmosis Skincare, $130)

6. Skin Actives Scientific Skin Brightening Cream


This cream helps reduce spots of hyperpigmentation without harsh bleaching ingredients which can cause side effects. Using a synergistic mix of skin lightening actives, this cream works to reduce the melanin produced as skin renews. It also provides antioxidants to help keep skin healthy.

(Skin Actives, $28.50)

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7. NEOVA Serious Clarity 4x


An all-inclusive serum with multiple brightening agents renews skin clarity and reduces the appearance of discolorations. Effectively produces visual shade improvement without irritation. It includes brightening agents that are powerful and easy on the skin.

(Neova, $59)

8. Younique YOU·OLOGY Brightening Mask


Designed to visibly improve elasticity, minimize the appearance of pores, and tone the appearance of your skin, the YOU·OLOGY brightening mask is formulated with niacinamide, licorice extract, and Kakadu plum fruit extract for vibrant, younger-looking skin. 

(Younique Products, $49)

9. PRAI Potent C Power Drops with Copper


Containing both advanced Vitamin C Ester and Copper, these ingredients work in tandem to promote the optimization of vital collagen and elastin. Vitamin C Ester optimizes the body’s collagen and helps clarify and brighten skin over time with regular use. Glycerin and botanically-derived Sorbitol boost skin’s hydration, while vitamin-rich marine botanical Laminaria Digitata help relieves the appearance of dull, fatigued skin.

(Prai Beauty, $49.95)

10. Priori Skincare TTC fx320 Illumination Treatment


Formulated with high-potency natural ingredients and botanicals, Priori Illumination Treatment is designed specifically for reducing the appearance of uneven skin tones, dark spots and hyper pigmentation. Sun spots, fine lines and unwanted skin imperfections are greatly reduced due to the power of this triple turmeric complex.

(Priori Skincare, $79)

11. Savor Beauty Yuzu Lemonade Peel


This 30-second beta-hydroxy-acid (BHA) peel contains a high level of vitamin C to exfoliate for skin clarity. A potent cocktail of 2 percent salicylic acid, gluconolactone-polyhydroxy-acid (PHA), yuzu oil, Kakadu plum, and lycopene extracts unclogs pores, brightens complexion, and revitalizes skin.

(Savor Beauty, $80)

12. Wrinkles Schminkles Morning After Glow Serum


This antioxidant-rich serum is loaded with natural botanic extracts and essential fatty acids to help brighten the skin. Resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in red-grape skin, helps lighten dark spots caused by UV damage, while Willow Bark naturally exfoliates the skin to reveal the skin’s natural radiance.

(Wrinkles Schminkles, $30)

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