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Who Is Scott Vetere? New Details About The Michigan Gymnastics Coach Arrested For Having Sex With One Of His Gymnasts

Photo: University of Michigan
Who Is Scott Vetere? New Details About The Michigan Gymnastics Coach Arrested For Having Sex With One Of His Gymnasts

A Michigan gymnastics coach at the University of Michigan was busted having sex with one of his student gymnasts.

TMZ Sports obtained police footage — which is heavily pixilated — of the exact moment the 39-year-old coach and the 18-year-old female student were caught having sex in a car during the middle of the day in a public parking lot. 

The incident happened in October after someone called in to report the incident to the Ann Arbor Police Department. 

So who is Scott Vetere? Here's everything we know about the gymnastics coach.

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1. The officer in the video scolded him. 

In the beginning of the video, you hear the cop bang on the door of the car and tells the couple: "Well this is awkward. Clothes please."

The two get dressed and exit the vehicle, only be given a lecture and a citation. 

"Not a good spot," he tells them both. "Because then the police get called and here we are."

Then he talks to them both individually.

"Think about the whole process and be a little smarter," he tells the student.

"Do we even need to have a talk right now? Everything's crystal clear?" he tells Vetere. "There's a lot I could say right now, and I'm not even sure that there's a point to it."

2. He resigned from his position. 

Following the incident, Vetere later resigned from his coaching position at UM and left the school. 

A rep for the University of Michigan initially told TMZ that he was "immediately suspended" after they learned about what happened. The school also banned him from ever working or coaching at the school again. 

“You are not eligible for rehire at the University of Michigan due to an inappropriate relationship with a student-athlete,” a letter sent to Vetere from UM reportedly read.

3. They were both charged with obscene conduct.

While the video shows them only receiving citations, Vetere and the student — who is on the school's gymnastics team — were both charged with indecent or obscene conduct in public. 

The charge is a misdemeanor. Vetere was arraigned and originally faced up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine. However, he reached an agreement with prosecutors last month and got his charged reduce to only a civil infraction. 

He paid the fine and the case is considered closed.

It's not clear what has happened to the student's charges.

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4. He was previously on the school's gymnastics team. 

Not only was Vetere a longtime coach but he was also a former student. In addition to graduating from UM, he was on the men's gymnastics team as well. 

Vetere was on the 1999 team that won a national championship and in 2000, he was named Big Ten Gymnast of the Year. He was also the captain of the team for three years.

5. He's married with kids.

In a very unsurprising twist (because, men), Vetere is married with three daughters.

He and his wife, Amanda, have three daughters who are all under the age of 10. He's originally from Pennsylvania and until now he has never been arrested. 

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