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Who Is Eilish Melick? Jennifer Aniston's Niece Inherits A Fortune

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Who Is Eilish Melick? Jennifer Aniston's Niece Inherits A Fortune

Eilish Melick is a young actress who is related to Jennifer Aniston. Over the course of two years, the 22-year old has experienced some major life changes. One includes becoming thousands of dollars richer.

After the passing of her grandmother, she was left with a fortune from the will.

So who is Eilish Melick? Here’s what you need to know about Eilish Melick and what she’s been up to since receiving her inheritance. 

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Eilish gets married after inheriting grandmother's fortune.

1. Jennifer Aniston's niece

Melick, 22, is the niece of actress Jennifer Aniston. Aniston is the daughter of actors Nancy Dow and John Aniston. Aniston is an actress herself. She is well-known for her role as Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends for which she earned a Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and Screen Actors Guild. She has also played leading roles in movies including The Break-Up, Marley & Me, We're the Millers and Bruce Almighty. 

Melick is also an actress. She is known for her role in the movies Summoned, High School Possession, Runaway and Christmas Twitter. 



A post shared by Jennifer Aniston  (@jenniferanworld) on Apr 1, 2019 at 10:12am PDT

Actress Jennifer Aniston, aunt of Eilish Melick. 

2. She was taken to court over grandmother's will. 

According to a report by News Ghana in 2017, Life & Style Magazine obtained legal documents that revealed that John Melick, Eilish's father was taking his own daughter to court over the will. The legal papers showed that originally he was set to receive a decent portion of the fortune, but in 2015 Eilish had her grandmother file an amendment. The amendment completely removed her father from the will and left Eilish with more money. Even her brother's inheritance was reduced. 

Nancy Dow was also going to give money to her favorite charity, The Christian Community, but Eilish reportedly convinced her to remove that as well.

Eilish, who had a close relationship with her grandmother was made the sole trustee. Eilish’s father alleged that Eilish had Nancy make the changes after she suffered “a series of debilitating strokes beginning in 2012,” and was mentally incompetent.

Eilish’s lawyers told Life & Style Magazine that she had a “loving relationship” with her grandmother and claim that Nancy was completely cognizant when the changes were made and able to discuss “current events and politics.”


missing you a little extra tonight // I cant believe it’s been almost 2 years

A post shared by Eilie K. Melick (@cashewcat) on Apr 30, 2018 at 6:47pm PDT

Eilish takes out time to acknowledge how much she misses her grandma. 

3. Recently got married

Eilish who is in the navy just got married this past weekend. The 22-year old posted a photo on Instagram March 30 where she is kissing her boyfriend Sean. He is a sailor. The caption read "Oh ya, we're married now." 

Eilish continued to post wedding photos of herself and her husband. These photos included a close-up of the couple with their wedding rings and pictures of them standing in front of a wedding officiant. According to Radar Online, the wedding seemed casual and brief. Eilish can be seen wearing a tan jacket while Sean is seen in his uniform. A few people can be seen capturing the moment in the background. Her caption read "My love for this man is infinite, and thankfully so is his patience". The two seem genuinely happy to be united. They met while in the service together according to Radar Online. 

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Meet Sean, my dependapotomous

A post shared by Eilie K. Melick (@cashewcat) on Mar 29, 2019 at 6:23pm PDT

The newlyweds stop to take a happy photo.

4. Inherited a fortune 

Nancy Dow, Eilish's grandmother passed away in 2016. She was age 79 and had suffered a series of strokes before her passing. In her will, she left money to Eilish and other family members. Eilish received the largest portion of money from the will. Jennifer Aniston who is known for having a tense relationship with her mother was not included in the will. According to Radar Online, Aniston admitted that her relationship with her mom wasn't the greatest, saying “I did not come out the model child she’d hoped for….”

According to Daily Mail, a source told People that Eilish still loved her mother despite their relationship. 

"No matter how complicated and difficult the relationship between Nancy and Jennifer may have been, it is heartbreaking for any daughter to lose her mother. Nancy fought a very long battle, with many ups and downs, and Jennifer is grateful for the happy times they shared. [Jennifer] is pulling close to her husband and family and feels so supported by their love," the source said. 

Aniston who was siding with her brother over the revision of the will expressed that she wanted no further parts of the case by signing a letter. 

While Aniston wasn't close to her mother, Melick was. Eilish posted a photo of herself and her grandmother on Instagram in July 2018, two years after her passing. Her caption read: "Happy birthday Mamom lol so when is this supposed to get easier?"


Happy birthday Mamom // lol so when is this supposed to get easier?

A post shared by Eilie K. Melick (@cashewcat) on Jul 22, 2018 at 10:48am PDT

Eilish admitting that no matter how much time has passed death is still hard. 

5. She has been spending the money rather rapidly

According to Radar Online, Eilish has been living a lavish life since inheriting the money from her grandmother's will. She has traveled to Disneyland, Italy, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas, Greece, Finland, and Louisiana. She has also been known to attend concerts including those of Taylor Swift, Rascall Flatts and Halsey. She also spends a good amount of time partying. 

The 22-year old was quoted saying “I don’t remember how I ended up w 2 drinks in my hands,” on a social media snap.

Eilish's adventures can be tracked across her social media page. One of her captions says the more she travels the more she learns about herself. 

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