Who Is Moua Lo?

Meet the man who did the bravest thing imaginable.

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Being a father is one of the toughest jobs in the world. You go from being a single man without a care in the world to being a man with countless responsibilities. It's up to you to keep those new little lives you helped to create safe. It's a practice that's nearly sacred. There are many men who call themselves dad, but how many have what it takes to be a real father?

One man loved his family so much that he was willing to put his own life on the line to ensure their survival. His name was Moua Lo, and when one of his little ones fell from the fishing boat during a family outing, he didn't hesitate, he jumped into the water after him. The police are still looking for him.


So who is Moua Lo? Here's what we know so far. 

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1. The Missing Man 

In California, the police and others are searching for a man named Moua Lo. They are looking for the proud father of three, a man adored by his community. He has been missing since a boating accident last Friday where his youngest son, just 1-year-old, was also critically injured. 


The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office reported to the press that the horrible accident took place around 11:30 a.m. on the San Joaquin River near Isleton, California, a city located just 40 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Sacramento.

2. The 911 Call 

The details about how the police found out that Moua was missing are utterly heartrending. You see, he loved fishing and spending time with his children and decided to combine his two loves and go out on the river to enjoy a day of bonding and fishing. 


Tragically, it wasn't long before a 911 call from Moua's 10-year-old daughter came in. She quickly explained that her 1-year-old brother fell out of a boat while the children were fishing with their 41-year-old dad. Making things even more harrowing, he wasn't wearing a life jacket at the time: "The child indicated her father dove into the river after the child and related the child was wearing a life vest; however, her father was not," the sheriff's office said.

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3. The Coast Guard's Role

While the search might seem like a challenging one because of just how quickly the water can move a body, authorities have already caught a break. The U.S. Coast Guard managed to find the boat as it headed towards a waterway. All of the children on the boat were then brought to safety.


Coast Guard officials then made searching for the missing baby its priority and luckily, they were able to find him fast. But would it be fast enough?  "First responders immediately began performing life-saving measures on the child, including CPR, as the child did not initially have a pulse," the sheriff's office said. Once the child was stable, they were able to transfer him to a Sacramento hospital by helicopter. By the time he was wheeled in, he had a pulse, but his condition was still listed as serious. 

4. The Search 

While the search is still ongoing, the authorities are being realistic. "Search crews from the Sheriff’s Office are still combing the area and will continue searching depending on conditions. The river in this area is approximately 50 degrees and due to heavy rainfall and runoff in our region, the river is flowing very fast."


Sergeant Shaun Hampton, the sheriff of Sacramento told FOX40 that the conditions are not ideal for human survival right now. The water is cold and full of debris, these two factors alone are enough to make the hunt for Moua that much more urgent. 

5. Moua Lo 

Moua Lo's family is desperate to find him and they plan to keep searching even after the police give up, should it could to that point. They can't stop talking about what a great man he is, and their statements about him are true testimony to his goodness. 


"He would be the first person to give you his jacket if he sees that you’re in need. He would stop to help anybody," said his brother-in-law Chong Yang. All of Lo's friends and family gathered with candles to hold a vigil of hope for Moua's safe return on Saturday night. "The family is really hurt. We’re not giving up," said Yang. "We want to make sure we recover him and hopefully we’ll be able to get that done soon."

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