10 Best Places To Travel To For Your 2019 Summer Vacation

You should go to them all!

best places to travel to for 2019 summer vacation

Traveling is great in the summer. Whether you want to get away from the heat, enjoy a bit of fun in the sun or find a new favorite place to explore, the world has plenty of summer destinations that meet your needs — and your budget.

It’s the perfect time to be thinking about your summer vacation. While the April showers pour and the flowers start to bloom, start planning your trip to paradise! After all, winter can’t actually last forever, right?


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This summer, treat yourself (and maybe some friends) to a trip to one of the best summer destinations in 2019. Each destination offers unique scenery, entertaining events and a different culture that is bound to give you an unforgettable experience. Even if you can’t get to every place on this list, you should make it a goal to visit at least one before fall hits.

1. The Florida Keys

The Keys have a rich history, paired with beautiful beaches and food that seafood lovers would die for. Key West was home to famous singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet and a host of literary greats like Hemmingway and Frost. Also, you can perfect your fishing skills at the sport fishing capital of the world, Islamorada.


2. The Grand Canyon

National park goers and any average joe should visit the Grand Canyon at some point. Its natural beauty is stunning, and the sublime feeling will empower you. You’ll also get great exercise by hiking the canyon, horseback riding, rafting or swimming. Your visit can be as short or long as you want, making plenty of time for other summer adventures.

3. Guatemala

This Central American country has countless waterfalls for you to chase (the journey is so worth it!), active volcanoes to hike (yes, you read that right) and ancient ruins to explore (the Mayans liked to build). Because of the country’s location, you’ll be surrounded by Spanish culture and food to learn from and enjoy.

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4. New York

Known for Broadway shows, skyscrapers and its dense population, New York has no shortage of activities. Visit the famous Rockefeller Centre, walk Times Square to soak up the bustling energy and tour the landmark that symbolizes hope and freedom (yep, Lady Liberty herself). You can get lost in the concrete jungle, but it’s nice to know Central Park is there if you need some R & R.  


5. Mexico

If you like adrenaline-rushing sports, smooth tequila and out-of-this-world marine life encounters, then Mexico is the place for you. Wrestling, paragliding, shark diving and hot air ballooning are just some of the sports you can try in Mexico. Consider booking a scuba diving trip to see the underwater caves or stay above ground to hike Mexico’s lush mountains.

6. Canada

Canada is HUGE, so you should do your research and visit a part of the country that offers the type of trip you want. Western Canada is great for seeing wildlife, like grizzly bears, in their own habitat. The Yukon features the northern lights (i.e., Aurora Borealis). You can take a train tour of the Rocky Mountains, visit Niagara Falls to see what the fuss is about or engage in winter sports year-round.

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7. Scotland

Scotland is old. When you visit, you’ll be walking in villages that were built before Stonehenge, which is pretty awesome. The natural beauty of the Scottish landscapes will put you in a trace if you’re not careful, and you’ll feel like a child again when you listen to Scottish fables and see magical sites like the Fairy Pools in Glen Brittle.


8. California

There’s always amazing weather in California, and you’ll get to revel in it while touring famous movie and TV sets. Hollywood is home to celebrities and movie stars alike, so bring out your inner fangirl. California also has tons of live art shows, and it won’t take you long to find spectacular street art or an In-N-Out Burger joint.

9. New Zealand

Why should you go to New Zealand? Because of the diverse wildlife, fresh air (which means less pollution!) and local fun. The country has near-constant local festivals, concerts and street fairs to keep residents and guests entertained. Not to mention that Tolkien’s Middle-earth was inspired by the New Zealand landscapes.

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10. India

I had an Uber driver tell me that everyone needs to go to India at least once. He claimed that you can’t say you’re a traveler unless you’ve been to India, and he’s not wrong. India is a place meant to be experienced, and its rich culture will engulf you in festivals, religion or spiritualism and spicy foods. Of course, there’s so much more to India, but you’ll have to find that out for yourself.


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