This Homemade Baby Food Delivery Service Adds Hours To Your Day (Really, Moms)

Now, that's a present!

Homemade Baby Food Delivery Service & Subscription Box For Kids & Picky Eaters Raised Real 

We all know that being a mom is one of the toughest jobs on the planet, especially when it comes to meal time.

Making nutritious meals is time-consuming and dealing with picky eaters is rough. That's why a homemade baby food delivery service and subscription box could be just what you need to free up some time and save your sanity.

Welcoming a baby into your life is a rewarding and precious experience, but it can also be exhausting, stressful, and leaves little time for yourself. 


No one deserves her "me time" more than a mom.

Luckily, Raised Real is here to take some of that stress away and bring some much-needed relaxation and self-care back into your life, ladies. Raised Real is a meal delivery service, but for organic baby food.

$15 off your first box of homemade baby food (either the 12 or 24 meal box) with code YOURTANGO

In other words, it's pretty next level. We already know how much of a lifesaver regular monthly subscription boxes are, but for babies? Talk about taking a load off! 

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All moms know that planning and making wholesome baby food for picky eaters can be one of the most time-consuming parts of motherhood.

If you're one of those moms who makes homemade baby food, this process can take even longer.

However, according to a study by The International Journal of Obesity, infants who ate homemade baby food received more food diversity and a reduced chance of obesity.

So, taking the time to whip up these healthy meals is worth it. 

But, it's hard enough to plan and cook our own meals, let alone do it for another human being. 

Investing in a frozen meal delivery service can give you back a lot of your time by reducing the hours spent planning and preparing baby food.


It can also help mothers by taking away the added stress and often times back-breaking pain of standing in the kitchen three times a day trying to make a healthy, well-rounded meal for the little ones.

Moms, if you've been looking for self-care tips, this is it! 

These organic baby food freezer meals can be the key to reducing stress and avoiding burnout, all while creating a healthy meal plan with ease.

If you happen to be looking for gifts for new parents (or just yourself) a homemade baby food delivery service is a fantastic idea!

Not to mention, Mother's Day is coming up soon so what better way to treat yo' self than by kicking up your feet and resting while the meals are brought to you!


It's also a really sweet, thoughtful gift to honor the special lady who does so much for everyone in the family.

A baby food subscription service is a helpful way to lighten her load a little.

And, since Mother's Day is all about celebrating the greatest lady in your life, this would be a really amazing gift for the family to give mom. Take note, dads.

So you're probably curious, what is Raised Real all about? Here are a few things to know about this subscription box for busy parents.

Raised Real Homemade Baby Food Delivery Service For Picky Eaters


$15 off your first homemade baby food meal delivery (either the 12 or 24 meal box) with code YOURTANGO

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1. They deliver healthy, prepped, organic baby food to your door

Raised Real delivers you pre-packaged, organic ingredients to your door.

Their wholesome baby food also comes pre-prepped, is organic and plant-based (huge bonus!), and arrives frozen, which is another big plus as you don't need to use it all right away and can store it for a later time.

These wholesome meals are also packed with healthy ingredients like avocado oil, turmeric, avocado oil, lucuma powder, and coconut butter.


They're great for early flavor learning and help tiny humans grow into adventurous eaters, not picky eaters. 

2. The meals can be served three ways

Raised Real takes away the work of washing, measuring, slicing, and any other kind of prep involved in the usual cooking process.

The baby food already comes without having to do any of this additional labor.

The only thing you need to do once the meals arrive is choose whether you want to mash, puree, or serve them as baby finger foods.  

Raised Real Homemade Baby Food Delivery Service For Picky Eaters


3. They offer options and support

Meals from the service can arrive in two to four-week increments. There's also an option to skip or cancel service at any point.

You can pick between two box sizes of either 12 or 24 meals. The 12 meal choice comes for $65.88 and the 24 for $119.76.

Also included in the box are meal cards, so you can see a breakdown of all the ingredients you're receiving as well as nutritional information. 


The service also offers their very own hotline, allowing you to easily contact someone in the company by text with any questions or concerns you may have.

Raised Real erases the tedious and long-winded tasks of meal planning and grocery shopping, while still ensuring that your new little bundle of joy is getting a healthy, nutritious meal.

Translation: put down the meal planner and get your self-care on. 

By trying out Raised Real, you can do just that!

$15 off your first organic baby food subscription box (either the 12 or 24 meal box) with code YOURTANGO

So what's the holdup, ladies (and devoted husbands and boyfriends)?

The less time you spend prepping and cooking wholesome meals for your baby, the more time you have to spend with them, your partner, or yourself! 


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Sloane Solomon is a writer who focuses on family, parenting, and self-care tips.

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