Who Is Nash Grier?

Find out more about the Vine star.

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There was a time before the people who made and posted their videos online to be shared with the masses, but like so many of you, I too believe it is a time better left unremembered. 2019 may not be the peak of the age of the internet personality (RIP, Vine), but it's impossible to deny just how important these folks have become in our daily lives. We practically can't get enough of them, and luckily, they are happy to oblige us. 


Which internet personality is making headlines today? It's Nash Grier! The former-Viner recently popped the question to his girlfriend, and now celebs far and wide and shouting him out on social media. So here's what you need to know about Nash Grier, his controversial videos and all the nitty gritty about his engagement and his wife to be. 

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1. Who Is Nash Grier?



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If you love you some YouTube stars, if Vine was your jam back in the day, if yes, you've even taken a walk down Tik Tok lane (not a thing) you know darn well who Nash Grier is! Well, you might not know his name at first glance, but I guarantee you that if you care about slash are interested in the world of internet personalities, you've definitely watched one or two or seven of his videos.


Nash Grier, like so many before him, rose to stardom (sort of) as a major personality on Vine. The platform shut down (I'm still mourning, legit), but before it did, Nash had managed to amass a viewership of more than 12.6 million people! That's like, more people than Donald Trump could count! (Not saying he can't count, just saying he'd probably get bored.)  

2. The Controversy 



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But Nash's career hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, not by a long shot. He's been at the center of his fair share of controversy which is bound to happen if you make your living sharing your life on camera for an audience of critics. In 2013, he lost many faces and found himself in a serious hot seat after he was found to be using homophobic slurs in a video. At least Nash admitted to his failings, and opened up about them on Twitter, apologizing to his fans where he wrote: ‘I apologize for anything negative I’ve said towards gays and for that matter anyone. I was young, ignorant, stupid, and in a bad place. I’ve moved on, and learned from my mistakes and I am so truly sorry to anyone I have offended. I have nothing against anyone or anything that promotes equality. Sorry again.’


But this wasn't the only time he found himself in trouble. He also became infamous (you know, that kind of famous you DON'T want to be, even if you're an internet personality) for the video he made titled What Guys Look For In Girls, In it, he and two YouTubers  JC Caylen and Cameron Dallas talked about their "ideal girlfriend". Unsurprisingly, their ideas weren't that evolved. They said girls shouldn't beat them at video games and should always keep themselves shaved. Class act, this guy. 

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3. His Engagement 



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Thankfully, Nash seems to have grown up, or at the very least, he's learned to keep his not so PC opinions to himself. In fact, he's taking the ultimate step in becoming an adult and announced his engagement to his girlfriend Taylor Giavasis. 


‘She said yes,’ he shared in a post on Instagram. In the image, Taylor is laying down, showing off her massive ring, while she covers her face. She's also, you know, surrounded by flowers and clearly experiencing the happiest day of her life, so good job, Nash! 

4. How He Proposed 



She said yes 

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Nash, who has been dating Taylor since 2017 (he shared the relationship with the world in a video he shared titled ‘Meet My Girlfriend’) didn't hold back when it came to how he decided to pop the big question to Taylor. In fact, if you follow his Instagram stories it becomes pretty clear that he alllll out to celebrate his lady love and ask for her hand! 


He didn't just ask the question, he went ahead and hired a full-on BAND to serenade her. How's that for something out of a movie, am I right? He also got his brother's help to make things picture perfect and given that she said yes, it's clear she was happy with the finished result. 

5. Celebs React 

When you a celeb, even on the internet, you tend to hang out with other celebs. Or at least, this is what I have learned from a lifetime of tabloid reading in any case. But it isn't just a wild guess where Nash is concerned. His celeb pals were out in full force to reply and wish their buddy good luck and lots of love. 


"Wow. Congratulations," said rocker and buddy-boy Shawn Mendes. The YouTubers were out in full-force with their congrats, too. Casey Neistat chimed in with ‘Congrats Nash!’ and  Louis Cole and Ben Brown also made sure to express their good wishes for the couple. 

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