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Who Is Jessica Feshbach? New Details About Katie Holmes' Ex-BFF Who's Being Snubbed In Scientology Divorce

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Who Is Jessica Feshbach? New Details About Katie Holmes' Ex-BFF Who's Being Snubbed In Scientology Divorce

Katie Holmes' ex-bff is going through a pretty nasty divorce battle. Even worse, they are Scientologists, so you just know the "church" is siding with the husband. Jessica Feshbach was formerly Katie Holmes' Scientology handler while she was married to Tom Cruise. She is divorcing Tommy Davis, son of wealthy real estate investor William Davis and actress Anne Archer. Let's just say what's his is his in this epic divorce. Who is Jessica Feshbach?

1. His inheritance

As the son of a wealthy real estate investor and successful actress, Tommy Davis comes from money. He has made it clear in the divorce documents that he intends to keep his inheritance from his father and grandmother. 


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2. Married for 8 years

Jessica Feshbach and Tommy Davis were married for almost eight years. They separated in December 2016. They used to be close to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes back in the day when they were married. Davis filed for divorce in 2017. Both he and Jessica named irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split. Davis has agreed to pay Feshbach spousal support until December 16, 2023. The former couple has two daughters, Chloe Elizabeth and Delilah Lilian.

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3. She was Katie's handler

When Katie Holmes began dating Tom Cruise in April 2005, he was a high-ranking Scientologist. It was in May 2005 when Cruise's infamous couch jumping on Oprah happened. After that, Jessica Feshbach was assigned to be Katie Holmes' Scientology handler. She often accompanied Holmes to red carpet events and press junkets. 


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4. She helped Leah Remini

Feshbach and Tommy Davis have been revealed to be the couple who helped Leah Remini escape the controversial organization. Remini asked Davis why the leader of Scientology David Miscavige's wife Shelly was nowhere to be found. Shelly has not been seen since 2007. Scientology officials insist she works behind the scenes for the group. When Remini asked Davis about Shelly's whereabouts, Davis told her that she “didn’t have the f**king rank” to ask about Shelly’s whereabouts. Feshbach was also revealed to be the person who wrote a complaint, called a "knowledge report," about Remini.


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5. She was born into a prominent Scientology family

Jessica comes from a prominent family within Scientology that has given millions of dollars to the group. She attended The Delphian School in Yamhill County, Oregon, which uses techniques developbed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. When she was 19, she joined Sea Org, the elite group within Scientology described by the organization as having "the most essential and trusted positions in the senior churches in the Scientoloy hierarchy." In 2006 MSNBC described her as "a high-level Scientology practitioner and member of the church's influential Feshbach family."

6. She used to be Tom Cruise's assistant

Feshbach was Tom Cruise's assistant until the spring of 2005 when she transferred from Sea Org to be a personal handler for Katie Holmes. Katie fired her longtime manager and agent soon after beginning her relationship with Holmes. Feshbach became Katie's new best friend. She tutored Holmes in Scientology metholdologies and traveled with her.


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