Are Kylie And Jordyn Still BFFs? New Details About Their Complicated Friendship — And If They Can Save It

Will their friendship survive?

Are Kylie And Jordyn Still BFFs? New Details About Their Complicated Friendship — And If They Can Save It Instagram

Kylie Jenner and former BFF Jordyn Woods are reportedly “working on rebuilding their friendship" following Jordyn's betrayal.

The initial shock of Jordyn's hookup with Khloe's baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 27, has subsided and it seems Kylie is open to patching up their friendship. 

“Their friendship is not 100% over...It’s still a tricky situation for Kylie," a source told PEOPLE. "And no one is actually putting too much pressure on her. Her family is aware that she is in contact with Jordyn. They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself."


The makeup mogul kicked Jordyn, 21, who had been living with her for years, out of her home after news broke that she and Tristan, who is the father of Khloe's daughter True, kissed at a party. Khloe, as well as the entire Kardashian/Jenner family, was understandably shocked and furious to learn one of their own was capable of betraying them.

Will Kylie be able to forgive her ex-BFF? Are Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods still BFFs? It's ultimately up to Khloe to decide if Kylie can let Jordyn back into her life, but sources say they may be in the early stages of making amends.

Here's what you need to know about Kylie and Jordyn's friendship at the moment.


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1. They have not hung out since the scandal.

Despite reports that Jordyn and Kylie were seen grabbing breakfast together at Pedaler's Fork in Calabasas Friday morning, they have not hung out since the cheating fiasco with Tristan, according to E! News.


“It seemed very casual and they both were having a discussion together while eating,” a source told the outlet, claiming to have seen Kylie and Jordyn sharing a meal. 

It was later revealed that Kylie was not dining with Jordyn but with her friend Heather Sanders. Kylie and Jordyn have yet to see each other face to face.



2. They've been texting.

Kylie and Jordyn haven't hung out yet but they have been texting recently. 

“Although she doesn’t live at Kylie’s, Jordyn still has things there. She and Kylie aren’t socializing, but are in contact. They are texting each other,” an insider revealed to PEOPLE.

They may just be decided when Jordyn can pick up the remainder of her belongings but it's also possible that they are trying to find a way to fix the hole Jordyn put in their friendship. It's really only between them at this point.



3. Jordyn liked Kylie's photo.

For the first time since the cheating scandal broke, Jordyn liked a photo Kylie posted on Instagram of herself wearing a white top and tight red pants. The "like" may have been an accident, though, because she later "unliked" the pic. 




A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Mar 8, 2019 at 12:23pm PST

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4. Kylie is very hurt.

Kylie's family has been by her side supporting her as she figures out what to do about Jordyn.

“For Kylie, it’s much more difficult. She has basically lost part of her world,” a source told PEOPLE. “She is very, very upset. She always trusted Jordyn with everything.”

Although they may be in contact, it's unclear if Kylie will truly be able to let Jordyn back in her life as her BFF.

“Kylie just can’t make sense of what happened,” the source continued. “She still has so many questions for Jordyn. Who knows when Kylie will get over this.”



5. They've been besties since high school.

Kylie and Jordyn have history. They have been inseparable since middle school, when they were introduced by Jaden Smith, and have called each other "wifey" for the longest time. Jordyn has even helped her millionaire best friend raise her daughter, Stormi.

They've gone on countless lavish vacations together and Kylie bought Jordyn a Mercedes for her 20th birthday in 2017. It's going to be difficult for Kylie to throw that all away but then again, Jordyn was the one who decided to throw it away.

Only time will tell if their lengthy friendship will survive.



6. It all depends on Khloe.

Whether or not Kylie forgives Jordyn depends on if Khloe is OK with it, a source told ET. 

“Kylie is still figuring out where Jordyn fits into her life, and the biggest reason is because Kylie wants to respect her sister Khloé,” a source said. “Khloé was initially irate at Jordyn and wanted nothing to do with her ever again. However, Khloé is a forgiving person and she’s just trying to see if she can get over being hurt by someone she considered a sister.”

Kylie has a lot of love for Jordyn but her relationship with her sister comes first.

“Kylie loves Jordyn but she loves her sister Khloé more, and the future of the friendship is directly associated to Khloé’s happiness," the source said.



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