Stop Trying To 'Find Your Passion' —​ Advice For Anyone Struggling To Find A Lifelong Career They Love

Finding a good work-life balance can feel impossible.

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About a year ago, I found a Ted Talk that changed my perspective on life and how well I was living my life. In her talk, branding strategist Terri Trespicio delved deep into her past to determine why we’re so focused on finding our passions rather than living our lives.

What she discovered was shockingly simple, but I believe it addresses why we fear our futures and how jobs started to become more than just a responsibility.


Of course, we should enjoy our jobs — it is the place we spend the majority of our week — but it’s when we internalize sayings like “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life” that we ignore reality. I’ll just tell you right now: it’s not possible to love everything you do, and it’s not the norm to immediately know what you want to do for the rest of your life.

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Your job doesn’t have to be your life.

Some people may already know what they want to accomplish. Maybe you want to publish a book, star in a movie or become a doctor. You shouldn’t give up on those dreams, but you also shouldn’t let those dreams stop you from pursuing other interests and opportunities.

Don’t miss opportunities that could be great for you just because they’re not prestigious enough. Or because they don’t seem to be a step forward towards your dreams. If you give them a chance, you might realize that you can make a new, better dream.

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Maybe you’re waiting to find the perfect job or discover the apartment with the best features. But what you’re looking for — or, at least, think you’re looking for — is constantly evolving as you age, meet new people and have different experiences.

Waiting isn’t always a problem, but it can become one if it prevents you from progressing in life. We shouldn’t be limited by the idea that there’s ONE passion for each of us and that, once we find it, we’re done. That that’s all we should do, all we should strive for.


Instead, let’s be surprised by what the world has to offer. Let’s be rebels who don’t have our futures planned out by the second. Let’s embrace the awkward, uncomfortable moments that we’re not sure fit into our expectations for life.

You’ll find endless self-help books and advice on this topic. Heck, there are even quizzes meant to match you with a career based on your interests and passions. Whether they’re trying to give you playful suggestions or serious recommendations, the message that your passion controls your future prevails. It’s time to abolish that message.

Your life is meant to be lived, not planned. And certainly not dictated by fleeting desires. Not even you know how wonderfully your life can be lived until you try.

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