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Who Is Oliver Maier? New Details On Danielle Staub's Fiancé

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Who Is Oliver Maier? New Details On Danielle Staub's Fiancé

Just over a week ago, Danielle Staub’s divorce from Marty Caffrey was finalized. The two tied the knot in May 2018, but just three months later, split up. Their contentious divorce was filled with drama, including restraining orders and Caffrey putting their shared home on the market without telling Staub.

On February 21st, the divorce was settled and Staub seemed ready to move on. But we had no idea just how quickly she would, because she already has a new man named Oliver Maier!

Just who is Oliver Maier? Staub took to Instagram and posted a photo of the two kissing under a rainbow, but didn’t give much information about their relationship.

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Instead, fellow cast member, Margaret Josephs, decided to dish on their romance, and revealed that Maier is Staub’s best friend’s ex-boyfriend. After a fan said that Staub was waiting until after her divorce to become “official” on Instagram, comparing it to Josephs’ decision to leave her first husband for her second husband, Josephs' shot right back.

Another source close to Staub revealed that Maier was dating a woman named Gina, who is a friend of the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast. Apparently, Gina and Maier were having an affair, but ended things before he and Staub got together. According to the source, “He knew Danielle had just gotten out of a bad situation, he had just gotten out of a bad situation, and then they got together.”

So, not only have they been dating a short amount of time, but they are engaged! Yes, Danielle Staub is now engaged 21 times. Can you believe?

According to People Magazine, the two got engaged yesterday morning while vacationing in St. Barth. They are planning on flying back to the states and exchanging vows on Monday!

“I’m madly in love. I’m feeling elated and excited for the next stage of my life. I’m going to marry the man of my possible dreams and hopefully I’ll spend the rest of my life in bliss,” Staub said.

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But what do we know about her new fiancé? Maier is incredibly successful, working as the managing director in a private equity firm. And though he’s not from Jersey, he’s actually royalty. Yes, that’s right. He’s the Duke of Provence, meaning that when he and Staub marry, she will become a duchess. His family also owns 15 vineyards and two castles in the South of France.

The two met through a mutual friend whom he was dating at the time, and they didn’t even get along at first.

According to Staub, “I quite frankly couldn’t stand him when I first met him. He’s so strong-willed, and at first, I read that as rude, and arrogant and entitled. It wasn’t until I got to know him that I saw the other side.” She also wasn’t looking for anything serious, saying, “I wasn’t open to it. I was ready to just go out with my girlfriends in Manhattan. I didn’t want this.”

But for Maier, he pursued Staub for weeks, and eventually won her over. He said, “People don’t like to take a risk, but I took a risk. Danielle’s one of the smartest people I’ve met. People have preconceived notions about her from reality TV, but she’s a smart women. And I was instantly attracted to that.” Staub recalled their first kiss, saying, “In that moment I said, ‘Wow.’ I still tried to push it off, but as the weeks went on, he did not let off the throttle, and he pursued me adamantly. And he got what he wanted. We fell madly in love.”

When the two tie the knot, this will be the second marriage for Maier, and the fourth marriage for Staub. Maier and his ex-wife have a 12-year-old child, while Staub has two grown daughters, Christine and Jillian, from her third husband.


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So, what does the future hold for Staub and Maier? “Most likely we’ll be spending a lot of time in France. We’ll be going to castles and all that, and living in Paris for a certain amount of months out of the year. It’s going to be far different than Jersey, that’s for sure,” she admitted.

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