15 Best Gluten-Free Beer Options That Sip So Good

Your digestive track is rejoicing.

15 Gluten Free Beer Options That Sip So Good getty

The words “beer” and “gluten” seemingly go hand-in-hand. You can’t have one without the other, right? Well, it might have been that way traditionally, but today there’s an entire market of gluten-free beer you can sip on without any internal upset.

Whether you have a minor gluten intolerance or a more serious gluten allergy, these are the best gluten-free beer options. Because who said you can't enjoy alcohol and avoid gluten altogether?


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1. Ground Breaker Gluten Free Dark Ale

It’s dark, it’s delicious, and it’s gluten-free. Ground Breaker's Ale is made with roasted chestnuts and lentils, and has notes of coffee, cocoa, toffee, and fruit.


(Holiday Wine Cellar, $6.99/22oz bottle)

2. Brunehaut Bio Blonde Gluten Free

If you prefer a blonde over a brunette beer, sip on Brunehaut Bio’s Blonde Gluten Free. It's a super-light golden beer with very little bitterness.

(Belgian Shop, $6.49/6-pack)

3. Güten Beer


This delicious amber lager is recipient of the World Beer Cup 2018 Gold Award in the gluten-free beer category. It’s moderately dry, slightly sweet, with subtle earthy notes. Right now, it’s available in and around Atlanta, Georgia.

(Find locations: Guten Beer)

4. Omission IPA

Reviewers all say that this smooth IPA doesn’t taste any different from those that contain gluten. In fact, you may even prefer it!


(Total Wine, $8.99/6-pack)

5. Ipswich Celia Saison

Inspired by Belgium’s rustic farmhouses, Ipswich Ale Brewery’s Celia Saison is a gluten-free treat that even non-celiacs will love. It’s made with orange peels, Belgian yeast, and sorghum.

(Ipswich Ale Brewery, $10.99/4-pack)

6. Julian Pearanormal Cider


Craving cider over beer? We've got you covered with Julian’s gluten-free Pearanormal Cider, which is made from 100 percent fresh-pressed apples, mint leaves, pear juice, and lime.

(BevMo!, $7.49/22oz bottle)

7. Redbridge Gluten-Free Beer

This gluten-free, Missouri-brewed lager was the recipient of the 2008 GABF Gold Medal. It’s made with domestic hops and imported Hallertau for a full-bodied, hearty sip.


(Total Wine, $7.49/6-pack)

8. Glutenberg IPA

This citrus-forward and bitter IPA sips just like a regular beer. The brand also makes a gluten-free Red Ale if that’s more your thing.

(Holiday Wine Cellar, $3.49/16oz can)

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9. Unity Vibration Triple Goddess Kombucha Raspberry Beer

Kombucha fans have to try Unity Vibration’s Triple Goddess Kombucha Raspberry Beer, which is both gluten-free and delicious. It’s somehow the perfect blend of tangy kombucha and smooth beer. You won’t regret sipping it.

(Total Wine, $9.99/22oz bottle)


10. Green’s Gluten-Free Quest

If you’re constantly searching for a beer that meets your allergy needs, this gluten-free option from Belgium-based Quest might be a winner. It’s free of nuts, lactose, eggs, soy, and other common inflammatory ingredients.

(Total Wine, $7.99/16.9oz bottle)

11. Bard’s Sorghum Beer


You know it’s gonna be a good gluten-free beer when the two people who brewed it are both celiacs. Bard’s Sorghum beer is an American lager that’s light, smooth, and just crisp enough — without the gluten.

(Drizzly, $8.99/6-pack)

12. Angry Orchard Green Apple

Angry Orchard is known for their sweet ciders, and their Green Apple version is gluten-free. In addition to apple, it has notes of honeydew melon and kiwi.


(BevMo!, $16.99/12-pack)

13. Lakefront New Grist

Interestingly, Lakefront’s New Grist was the first gluten-free beer option in the United States. It’s an all-sorghum ale made with gluten-free yeast that’s grown on molasses.


(Total Wine, $9.99/6-pack)

14. Hard Frescos Guava Citrico

For beer without the “beer” taste, sip on Hard Frescos’ gluten-free Guava Citrico. It’s technically a cider, but feels more refreshing than that thanks to brewed guava, pineapple, lime, and orange.

(BevMo!, $10.99/6-pack)

15. Craft A Brew Gluten-Free Ale Beer Kit


Just in case nothing on this list struck your beer fancy, we thought we’d give you one last option: a make-your-own gluten free beer kit! You’ll feel so proud of yourself sipping on a home brew.

(Amazon, check for rates and availability)

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