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Who Is Dominique Decree? New Details About The 'Demon Cult' Teen Who Killed Five Family Members

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Who Is Dominique Decree? New Details About The 'Demon Cult' Teen Who Killed Five Family Members

Earlier this week, Bucks County Pennsylvania District Attorney announced that 45-year-old Shana Decree and her 19-year-old daughter Dominique Decree had been charged with the murder of five members of their immediate family. The mother-daughter duo told the police that everyone wanted to die and that the whole grisly affair was supposed to be a murder-suicide, but instead they survived. The women were charged with five counts of homicide each in the murder of Shana Decree's two children, her sister and twin nieces. They were also charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit criminal homicide. Shana and Dominique murdered Shana's daughter Naa'Irah Smith, 25, and son Damon Jr, 14, her 42-year-old sister Jamilla Campbell, and Campbell's 9-year-old twin daughters Imani and Erika. Damon's father Damon Decree Sr. is the estranged husband of Shana. He told local media that his wife and daughter were in some sort of cult. He said: "I don't know what kind of cult. And they were talking about demons being all around them." Decree wants his wife and daughter to go to jail for the rest of their life. Who is Dominique Decree?

1. 5 bodies and disoriented women

Authorities found five dead bodies and two disoriented women — Dominique Decree and her mother Shana Decree — inside apartment S-7 at the Robert Morris Apartments complex in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. After questioning Dominique and Shana, they were charged with killing their family. A social worker doing a welfare check initially discovered the gruesome scene. She had a maintenance worker unlock the apartment when no one answered. Dominique was in bed with her mother. The five dead bodies were reportedly stacked on top of each other. The women were rushed to a nearby hospital. As police spoke to them, they noticed that their stories didn't match up. 

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2. Three men did it

Dominique and Shana said three other men did it at first. Shana told the police that her sister's boyfriend and two other men broke into the apartment and killed everyone. Dominique claimed an unknown black man caused the injuries to her neck.


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3. It was a murder-suicide pact

Shana and Dominique then changed their stories and Shana told investigators that everyone in the apartment including her 13-year-old son and 9-year-old nieces wanted to die. Dominique's mother said "all, including the children, were talking about suicide." Reportedly Dominique killed her aunt. The two told investigators about a complicated plan that involved some of the victims killing each other with Shana and Dominique killing the rest. Shana confessed to killing one of the kids and said Dominique killed another child. Shana said her sister Jamilla killed her daughter Naa'Irah and that Dominique strangled Jamilla. 


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4. 4,000 Facebook friends

Dominique Decree recently graduated from high school and has nearly 4,000 friends on Facebook. She attended Morrisville Middle/Senior High School. Her last Facebook post was a selfie posted about a month ago. Her page features several photos of her snuggling with her mother and talk about her job, prom, and times with friends. 

5. Relatives think Dominique and Shana were in a cult

A woman named Destiny Harris, reportedly a relative of Dominique and Shana, told Philadelpha TV station ABC6 that they were mixed up in a religious cult and had been making disturbing comments about demons. “They were all going through something religiously and they decided to drag the kids into it,” she said. Shana's estranged husband, who lives in North Carolina, said that before the murders, the family had been dabbling in some kind of cult and talking about demons. He said: “I heard they were into something religious but I don’t know what. I just can’t believe they did this,” he told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “I know the religious was something they found online, but I don't know any details because I live in North Carolina now.” Jamilla Campbell's sister Walidah Campbell said that the family was very worried about Shana and Dominique but had trouble getting in touch with them because they isolated themselves.


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