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Who Is Sailor Brinkley Cook's Boyfriend?

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who is sailor Brinkley cook boyfriend

Is Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook a taken woman? The 20-year-old model and dead ringer for her mom was photographed in the arms of a mystery man on the beach in Miami last weekend. The busy model found time for a little fun as she frolicked on the beach with the curly-haired man. He went to lengths to conceal his identity in large black sunglasses while Sailor was wesring an orange and black snakeskin bikini accessorized with big silver hoop earrings and a necklace with her name on it. But what we really want to know is who the man bun wearing man is. Who is Sailor Brinkley Cook's boyfriend?

1. The mystery man

Unfortunately, no one seems to know who the man Sailor was having PDA with on the beach is. Or whether he's her boyfriend or not. Last summer she was spotted out and about holding hands with 26-year-old pro surfer Balaram Stack in New York City. The two had dinner togheter that same day but that was the first and last time she was seen with Stack, so it looks like it was just a date and/or a short-lived fling.


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2. The details

Sailor was laying across the mystery man's lap while he held her head and kissed her. He was wearing a black shirt with white details that was unbuttoned and designer sunglasses that were round with wire frames and fabric on the sides. They are the type of sunglasses pilots use to completely block out the sun. Both Sailor and the guy were wearing lime green wristbands, appearing to signify a hotel or club entry. 


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3. The runway

Earlier this month, Sailor walked the runway with her famous mom, Christie Brinkley, for Ellie Tahari at New York Fashion Week. She has been modeling for about three years — following in her mother's footsteps — but gained her own fame when she appeared nude in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2017.


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4. Scary incident in Australia

Earlier this year, Sailor moved to Australia and she gave her mom quite a fright when she called her and said: "Mom, Mom, there’s two guys in my door, one is shirtless with a ski mask over his head and they’re hanging on the neighbor’s door,” Christie Brinkley revealed to Extra. Brinkley told her daughter to stay put and keep her doors locked. Mama told her daughter to move to a safer building ASAP. 


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5. Being compared to her mom

Sailor doesn't mind being compared to her mom, who is of course one of the most famous models ever to walk the runway or grace magazine covers. She said: “I get it often. It is not bad, I am fine with getting that compliment. It is a blessing in that it brings opportunity and meeting all of these incredible people.”

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