Who Is Devin Booker? New Details About Jordyn Woods Ex-Boyfriend Who's Rumored To Be Dating Kendall Jenner

He's a rising star.

Who Is Devin Booker? New Details About Jordyn Woods Ex-Boyfriend Who's Rumored To Be Dating Kendall Jenner Getty Images

In February 2019, Jordyn Woods appeared in public for the first time since the Kardashian-Jenner clan — and the rest of the world — was shook with allegations that she and Tristan Thompson hooked up. She spoke at a launch event for her Eylure X Jordyn Woods Lashes in Los Angeles.

“Thank you guys for coming out and supporting me through everything that’s going on," she said to the crowd. "It’s been real, and Eylure has been super real with a project I’ve been working on for over nine months right now.”


Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, the father of her child True, split up after reports came out about his involvement with Woods - especially since she's no stranger to the Kardashian/Jenners: she’s a member of the Good American squad and modeled for Khloé’s brand. She was also Kylie Jenner’s best friend, and even lived with her. Since the news broke, however, Woods moved back to her mother’s house.

Who is Devin Booker?

Another layer to the story surfaced: the name Devin Booker had started to come up in conjunction with Woods. What's more, Booker and Kendall Jenner were recently just seen taking a road trip together during the coronavirus quarantine.


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Here's what we know about Devin Booker, his connections with all parties involved in the complex scandal, and his relationship with Jordyn Woods.

He’s a shooting guard for the Phoenix Suns.

Like Thompson, Booker is a professional basketball player. He has been playing with them since the 2015-16 season. Booker will be staying with the team for some time, as he signed a five-year, $158 million maximum contract extension with them in July 2018.


Over the past two seasons, Booker has suffered injuries that affected his playing time, but when he plays, he is impressive and effective. On March 24, 2017, Booker scored 70 points in a game against the Celtics, becoming the sixth player to do so in NBA history.

He was drafted to the NBA as a college freshman.

As a junior in high school, Booker had been called “one of the best shooters” in the country. He already had scholarship offers from Duke, Florida, Michigan, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Missouri, and North Carolina before receiving an offer from the University of Kentucky.

Booker only played 38 games with Kentucky. He was named to the SEC All-Freshman Team and All-SEC Second Team. He decided to forgo the rest of his college career for the NBA.


He’s come close to beating records set by basketball legends.

Most of Booker’s accolades are related to his age. At the March 24, 2017 game against the Celtics, he became the youngest player at 20 years old to score more than even 60 points in a game.

When he was 19, he became the third-youngest player in NBA history to score 30 or more points in a game on Jan. 19, 2016 — LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the other two in that pool.

In 2016, Booker became the youngest contestant to participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend’s Three-Point Contest and earned third place, behind Stephen Curry and the winner Klay Thompson.

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He dated Jordyn Woods — but the two quietly broke up before the hookup.

Booker was seeing Woods shortly before she was seen with Thompson. It is not clear how soon before the Woods/Thompson debacle the two broke up.

Booker is not very active on social media. Most of his tweets and Instagram posts are basketball related. It’s unlikely to find any posts about his relationships.


He did post a picture in 2018 on Instagram with the caption, “My favorite photo,” including two women watching him on the court. Many commenters noted the women are his mother and sister, not Woods.

They were seen on a double date with Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons.

The length of Woods and Booker’s relationship is unclear, but they go back at least to May 2018. That night, all eyes were on Jenner and the 76ers point guard Simmons.

The four were spotted together at The Nice Guy. Then, Jenner and Simmons headed to Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails, then the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, sans Woods and Booker.

Although the date included Jenner, the Jenner that Woods is (or was) closest with is Kylie. Last year, a source said, “Jordyn is a sister to Kylie, and she’s extremely shocked this could happen, as is the whole family.”


Another source said at the time, “At this point, the Kardashians aren’t 100 percent sure if Jordyn is going to be cut out of Kylie’s life. But they’re all looking at it as if she better be. It will be hard for Kylie to lose Jordyn because she’s her best friend. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and honestly can’t because of her lifestyle, so she has latched onto Jordyn.”

Booker, in the meantime, may have actually commented on the scandal involving his ex: he added the comment “Yup” to a tweet from Jamal Crawford, “Everyone’s not gonna love you. Focus on the ones that do, & keep it moving” from February 20, 2019.

Kendall Jenner and Booker still hang out.


The pair were recently seen road tripping to Arizona together. Since they were spotted together, it is suspected that they may be spending the quarantine with each other. 

Witnesses who had seen them together said they reportedly looked like they were a couple, but a source says that they're only friends:

"Kendall and friends have a small social circle amongst the group, who have been following the same social distancing and physical distancing guidelines. Devin is a friend and is part of the small group. They took a road trip for some much-needed air."

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